Thursday, June 22, 2017

'Pinas for Good: The Process and Personal Experiences

A few years ago, I scoured the internet for a blog that captures and chronicles how OFW can come home for good. I didn't find any and that's how this blog was born. Modesty aside, I dare say that "I started it all." I never  promoted this blog because I want people to naturally find it. There's so much hunger for financial literacy, especially among OFWs. I can't believe I almost reached a million views!

Though my recent posts were nonsense, my past posts were valuable. In this post, I condensed everything that I've been through, the struggles that I experienced- emotionally, things that I prepared and all. 

I got super emotional while backreading all my old post. What a journey!


  1. Congrats on a million views! I think I almost read all of those! :)

  2. I don't think it's nonsense, Ms M. I am your silent reader and because of you, na imagine ko ang life ko after working here. Your posts, no matter how random, I truly appreciate and look forward to all of them. Cheers to almost a million views! Baka ako lahat 'yon. ;)

  3. Not nonsense at all! You helped a lot of people, not just OFWs, with your posts.

  4. You definitely inspired OFWs (raising my virtual hand here). You are one of the reasons why I finally started blogging for OFWs and I may disagree with the "nakagawian" na.

    I still need to catch up with the old post which are fun to read and informative.
    Thank you. And keep the post coming whenever you can.

  5. Very interesting! I bookmarked this post for me to read later on. You are truly inspiring :) Thanks for making this blog! Found your blog back in 2014, I'm an on and off reader but I always remember your blog in my mind hehe! How are things going so far? I've been out of the loop lately. Ever think of putting up your own business or continue on investing?


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