Tuesday, January 26, 2016

(Online) Job Hunting: New Graduates VS. The Not So New Ones

Well, I'm talking about job hunting in general.

You all know that I am in the process of looking for a job online coz I'm bored beyond belief and I need something to do. I don't even see myself going out and braving the traffic jam everyday so I think online work soothes me better.

Yep, bought myself a new laptop ( I mentioned it few months ago) coz my first ever laptop died on me, plus I was really set on finding an online job. But it took me at least 4 months convincing myself that I can do it, that I need to pass CVs... that despite my age, I still got it.

Gosh, I can't help but compare it to my younger years, back when I just graduated college. Why was I so brave to pass my CV to any companies back then? I didn't even had a lot of experience back then, but kapalmuks talagang nag pass ng CV kahit kanino but now, I kind of lost it na. I really didn't have the guts na. I kept on doubting myself and my abilities. Few years back, it's like the world is on my hands and I'd like to see it dance but now, the world looks like it's too heavy on my hands . Ai, I can't explain.

Ugh, if you only knew how many times I talked myself to pass the damn CV, how my friends told me na "nakaya mo nga yung America, 'yan pa kaya?" I even went home despite the uncertainty, pag pass ng CV, hindi kaya?! 
Kaya pala most people get stuck in one job for life because man, finding a new job is kind of daunting, at least for me.

The whole job hunting thing was overwhelming but I got used to it and kind of like the rush that I was getting out of it. Eventually, I passed my CV, got interviewed, trained, and hey, I GOT A JOB!!!

What job is it? Find out in my next post!!!

Toyota Wigo, come to mama! hahaha! (Well, if you are a long time reader of my blog, you know how finding an online job is equals to buying a car)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wet Market Sunday: The Broken Rice

OMG, may chika ako with my online job hunting goal, but that would be in my next post. I'll get this Wet Market Sunday post over with first.

  • BANANA and VEGGIES: Php 120
- Banana : Php 50 (Php 45 per kilo)
- Sayote: Php 15 each
- Cucumber
- Onion: Php 11 (100g)
- Tomato: Php 6 (100g)
- Eggplant
- Squash: Php 10
- Sili: Php 5 per pack

  • BANGUS: Php 50 (Php 100 per kilo)

  • EGGS: Php 15 (Php 5 each)

  • Rice: Php 99 (Php 33 per kilo)
I found the exact kilos of rice we, meaning Stark, Pepper and I, consume in a week. And that's 3 kilos. I don't eat rice that much, I make it to a point to only eat 1 1/2 cups of rice a day ( that's lunch and for me, that's a heavy meal already.) If you noticed, I have been buying corn grits for Stark and Pepper a while back but switched to rice instead para I can buy it in one go. (I usually mix half a cup of cooked rice, a cup of dog food, sawdust and veggies for Stark and Pepper's meal.)
Ganador is one of the premium rice in the market right now. It's about Php 50 to Php 55 per kilo and I don't buy that , I go for Broken Rice of Ganador (Php 33 per kilo.) According to Google,  Broken rice is a grade of rice consisting of grains broken in the milling process. Well, mine is still Ganador but it's broken into pieces because of the milling process AND it's cheap... way cheaper, right? I kind of like the broken rice more than NFA (they are kind of the same price, but I saw Php 27 per kilo NFA rice.) By the way, I am aware of the rice controversy, you know, that plastic rice. I know how to spot those. I only buy rice from my trusted "suki".

One thing I love about broken rice is that it's kind of wet-ish when it is already cooked. For some reason, I prefer wet-ish rice more than the firm one.

  • SAWDUST for Stark and Pepper: Php 60 (Php 30 per kilo)
  • GROUND MEAT: Php 37.49 (Php 133 per kilo)
  • BONES for Stark and Pepper: Php 54 (Php 51 per kilo- On sale) I still have bones from last week but decided to buy more coz it was still on sale. They rarely go on sale so might as well stock up.

Sorry if you have to tilt your head:


  • Cooking oil (1/4): Php 21.50
  • Camel Sukang Puti: Php 4.30 I'll buy big one if I happen to be in SNR
  • 3x16 Plastic for Ice (for carpenters): Php 18.50
  • Happy Sanitary Pads: Php 13.15 Again, I can't be hanging my diy reusable sanitary pads out in the open because of the house construction. It resumed a week ago,as I have mentioned in my previous post.

  • Yakult Light Culture: Php 50 They ran out of the regular ones. I love that more than this one.
  • Baker's Best Bread: Php 22.25
  • Energen Cereal: Php 29
  • Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 56
  • Pechay: Php 6.30 Bought this at La Nueva because it was on sale ( Php 20 per kilo.) Regular price in my suki: Php 45 per kilo
  • Swan Sardines: Php 12.40 When I saw the misua noodles, I was like, "Damn, I need to cook this before it goes bad." I usually put sayote and sili with sardines in my misua soup. I find that combo yummy.

TOTAL: Php 668.89

Monday, January 11, 2016

Electric and Water Bill Report: Nov-Dec 2015

Mactan Electric Company (MECO)

Period From: November 22, 2015

Period To: December 22, 2015

Total: Php 725

My actual bill is Php 432 and it almost doubled because of the charges. Crazy right? It is what it is, they said.

I am expecting higher electric bill next month because the house construction is now back on track and they will be wielding angle bars, c-purlins, etc. for the roof. I decided to put roof on the rooftop, just 3/4 of the total space and 1/4 is open para hindi mainitan sina Stark and Pepper if ever I'm out and I have to put them there so they can walk around. I hate kasi na I put them in the cage when I go out coz it's cramp inside the cage and there is no space for them to move around. I decided to have kahit 1/4 of open space para when we have bbq get together with friends, the smoke coming from the grill wont get trap inside. And a rooftop isn't a rooftop if there is no open space, imo.

Metropolitan Cebu Water District ( MCWD)

Period From: November 28, 2015

Period To: December 31, 2015

Total: Php 167.56

I am expecting higher water bill for next month as well coz of the construction. They are adding hollow blocks on each side of the rooftop. If you saw my blog showing you the glimpse of the rooftop, you would have seen that the sides are open and it's scary for Stark and Pepper coz we often play up there. Pepper also has this weird thing where she stands on the edge to look down if she sees one of her doggie friends. Nakaka heart attack ako every time she does that. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wet Market Sunday: Soy Bean Powder? Corn Coffee?

I haven't been having some wet market run lately because of the holidays. I've been finishing the "bring house" food I got from all the parties that I attended + the chicken necks too, which I made into dry adobo. ( If you are a Filipino + bisaya, then you would know what "bring house" is and why we call it that.)

I forgot to buy bananas.

The La Nueva receipt was eaten by Stark or Pepper, who knows, that's why I can't give you the exact prices of my La Nueva haul.

Here it is:

  • VEGGIES: Php 50 

- Squash: Php 10
- Cucumber
- Onion
- Garlic
- Eggplant: Php 8
- Sayote: Php 13 each

  • Ground Pork: Php 32.90 (Php 153 per kilo)
  • Bones for Stark and Pepper: Php 86.19 (Was on sale for Php 51 per kilo)
  • Sawdust for Stark and Pepper: Php 60.45 (Php 30 per kilo)

  • Bangus: Php 50 (Php 110 per kilo)

  • La Nueva Grocery:
- Yakult: Php 40
- Baker's Best Bread: Php 22
- Dazz Dishwashing Bar: Php 6+
- Tomato: Php 6
- Pancit Canton: Ph 8+
- Quick Chow Noodles: Php 6 +
- Energen : Php 29 ( 6 pcs)
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 56
- Biscuits: Php 8

  • Eggs: Php 11 (Php 5.50 each)
  • Corn Coffee: Php 5 ( I haven't had corn coffee for a long time. I remember liking the taste of it.)
  • Soy Bean Powder: Php 5 (I don't know how to make this thing. I should Google first. Hopefully this will taste like Soy Milk I usually buy. We'll see.)

  • Rice: Php 99 (Php 33 per kilo)

Friday, January 8, 2016

On Managers and Their Duties: Is This How Things Are Done Here?

I am really an observant kind of person and one thing I can't help but compare is the managers from the US and the managers from here ( be it banks, store, etc.)

Here are some nonsense observations/comparisons:

  • I went to BPI- GMC Lapu Lapu yesterday to get my captured ATM. I've waited for almost an hour to get entertained. (There were two customer service representative, I observed.) The manager at that time I arrived was talking to one of the customer service representative with regards to letter and stuff. After she was done talking and I was,like, right across her, she just sat down at her chair, text here and there, laugh when she heard a certain dance song and quipped how she reminded her of the party she attended, texted some more, chitchatting ( in fairness to her, she was also doing some paper works in between) but she never did ask me how can she help me and, as I said, I was just sitting right across her. I kept staring at her but it seemed like she was ignoring me. UGH! ( There were 2 of us waiting and two were being entertained by the two customer representatives.) Na irita talaga ako kasi she didn't even bother to ask us! After almost an hour of waiting, it was my turn and guess what? The customer service representative directed me to her- THE MANAGER! It took me less than five minutes and I waited for almost an hour! KILL ME NOW! UGH! Maybe because I looked too yagit to get entertained with THE manager, with my Star Wars Force Awaken t-shirt, Chucks and all?

  • In the US, the manager will take over whenever the cashier is nowhere in sight ( I saw pa nga managers- with his neck tie and all- sweeping the floor once)Here, I noticed that managers don't take over as much. One time I was waiting in line and the cashier was nowhere, well.. the manager was just chitchatting with one of the cashiers. I also noticed that in the US, when the line gets super long ( as in 3 people) they'd call for back up and use one of the vacant cash register. Here, wala.. they'd leave it vacant no matter how long the line in the other cash register gets.

I don't know what managers' duties and responsibilities are here in pinas, but it seems like they don't want to take over duties that are kind of like not their level, kind of like duties lower than their supposed responsibilities? Sure, managers are higher than tellers and cashiers, but it won't hurt to take over other's duty once the situation calls for it, right? I don't know. Help me understand.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


My babies turn 1!!!

Stark: January 2

Pepper: January 6

To celebrate their birth month, I decided to take them to the beach.

Sorry I can't really tell you guys the exact location coz we are probably going back to this resort over and over again. This is way better than Hadsan if you are taking dogs with you, plus they open 24 hours unlike Hadsan which closes at 5 PM. This would have to be my favorite animal friendly beach resort in Mactan area!

Here are some pictures:

My Babies!

Dipping With My Babies

Golden Retrievers= Waterdogs

Feeding them their favorite junk food

With a friend

Enjoying the beach

Hugging the  birthday girl

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another Mall in Cebu: And They Said Philippines is a Poor Country

December 10, 2015

After the opening of the 4th biggest mall in the country (SM Seaside Cebu), another huge mall opened : Robinsons Galleria-Cebu

I can't help but compare it with my abroad days. I have to travel 40 minutes to an hour to be able to go to the nearest mall. Dito, halos every corner, my mall na. Yep, and they said Philippines is poor huh? Malls are sprouting left and right!

I've been to Robinsons Galleria-Cebu twice. One was on the opening day (December 10, 2015). We were about to get my friend's Boston Terrier and we decided to swing by to see what inside looks like. (Fun fact I learned that day: In Manila, they call it "Galle" (as told by my friend who was from Manila- transferred here to help out with the family business) and in Cebu, we call it "Robi" (pronounce as "robai".)Second time was buying Sans rival and Silvanas for Christmas Eve.

Favorite part of the mall:

  • Daiso
  • Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

Verdict: "Trying hard to be different" was my first reaction and my friend said that I'm a hater. Well, may mga plants kasi inside the mall and all and I feel like they are trying too hard to be different. I guess I am a hater. No... I'm not! Pataka!

Here are some pictures: 

The crazy long line at Sans Rival
December 24, 2015

Silvanas and Sans Rival
Super yummy!

With Kylo, my friend's Boston Terrier. We got him from the breeder same day the Robisons Galleria-Cebu opened: 

  1. Kylo with Tita M.

Friday, January 1, 2016

To Do List 2016

  •  Sort out/get SSS Number
I don't remember if I already have my SSS number or not. I worked here for a little bit after graduation before flying abroad, so I guess I have a SSS number. I really do not know. Guess I need to work on this.
  • PhilHealth
Damn, I am the only finance nerd who doesn't have some kind of health insurance.  Yah, I know I know. Bite me.
  • Pag-ibig
Should I get one or not? Is this open to voluntary member or not? Guess I need to find out.
  • Fire insurance and install security stuffs for my house
Need to get one for my house, plus buy those fire alarm thingy and install burglar alarm system... for my peace of mind.
  • Find an online job
  • Get a car 
If I can't get a job, then no car. This should freakin' inspire me to get a job
Man, I'm lusting over Toyota Wigo ( thanks for the commenter who introduced me to that car.) Every time I see one on the street, my heart goes "Awwww, I want one." Though, modesty aside,  I can buy one right now since I already budgeted for it before I came home coz I know how public transportation in the Philippines work, I still want to push myself to find job before getting one. I don't need a car urgently pa naman, just to get around lang easily around Cebu.
  • Blog more, respond more
This blog started with my journey to 'pinas for good which involved frugality tips, saving money to fulfill that goal, investing and any money related stuffs. Now, as you can tell, I rarely post finance stuff since I follow the same monthly detailed budget ( which I already posted.)  This blog is somewhat my life after working abroad, places I've been to, stuffs I do, stuffs I buy. It has somehow become a lifestyle blog, so if you are looking for frugality tips, do dig up my older posts. I still follow those tips.

I should also respond more to comments and e-mails. Rest assured I read every comment but I should kicked the habit of reading comments/e-mail then "I respond later after I am done with this or that" coz I end up forgetting to respond. 

Note to self:  if I don't have time to reply at that moment, then don't read.
  • Claim my PRC ID and renew it
Yah, I really need to sort this out. I let my mother renew my PRC ID when it expired and I was abroad, but she never get around to claiming it. Called PRC-Cebu, my PRC ID is ready to be claimed 2 or so years ago pa but it already expired last April ( my birthday.) This year, I need to claim and renew my PRC ID ( I already did the first step: get my passport picture with name tag) coz it is so hard to be carrying my passport whenever I need an ID. I need an ID that I can stick into my wallet.
  • Get a tattoo
I've been contemplating on getting a tattoo since I was 24. I still want one. We'll see, we'll see!!!
  • Go back to Dahilayan and try all the extreme sports

  • PCCI Transfer of Ownership (Stark and Pepper's papers)
Need to also work on transferring the PCCI papers from the previous owner's name to my name. 
  • Climb a mountain
  I only climbed two mountains in my life: Mt. Palpalan in Pagadian ( my aunt lives on the foot of that mountain, and it wasn't really a challenging climb, but it still a mountain IMO) and Shenandoah Mountain in Virginia, USA. I want to add one to that list ( Osmena's Peak maybe) but I still have to convince my friends to climb with me.

  • Get annual check up

  • Pay Property Tax