Thursday, April 19, 2018

Before I Turn 32: Mt. Taal + Lion King Musical

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Red Lava offers a nicer  view than the regular viewing deck

I realized how beautiful the Philippines is. I should do more of this kind of thing!
At Red Lava, Mt. Taal
Entrance fee: Php 50
At Regular Viewing Deck

Since getting a tattoo, I have been updating my wardrobe. The affordable way to do so is to buy "ukay ukay". Tagaytay has a lot of  Ukay Ukay shops, but I have been super selective since I don't want  to stuff my closet with a lot of clothes. I'm a minimalist, so yah.

Ahhh! What a very nice experience!  I told myself that if I ever watch a musical, it's going to be The Lion King. I remember that this was the first movie I watched in which I shed a tear, and I was only 9 years old at that time! Plus I also forced my Lola to buy me Lion King backpack. I was a super-fan so watching this musical was a dream come true!
But man, I felt so out of place since most people there looked rich and cultured! Haha!

Lion King Musical at Solaire

At Solemare Parksuites (airBnb)