Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

I still have chicken neck in the freezer. I also cooked the ground pork with all the veggies in it last night ( good for at least 4 to 5 meals)

  • Veggies and Banana + Eggs : Php 120

- Banana: Php 50 (Php 45 per kilo)
- Eggs: Php 10 (Php 5 each) This is mainly for tortang talong
- Sayote: Php 15 each
- Squash: Php 10 (Php 25 per kilo)
- Eggplant 
- Sili: Php 5 per pack
- Cucumber

  • RICE: Php 132 (Php 33 per kilo)

  • SAWDUST: Php 31 

  • Bangus: Php 50 (Php 120 per kilo)

  • La Nueva Grocery: Php 250
- Soya Milk 1 liter: Php 53
- Plastic Bags for Stark and Pepper's poop: Php 12.75
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 56
- Baker's Best Bread: Php 22.25
- Cooking Oil: Php 21
- Oishi Onion Ring: Php 17.25 ( Since Starky hasn't been eating the Fish Crackers I usually buy, I decided to buy these to see if he eats these for snacks/treats.)
- Wafertime Strawberry: Php 34.95 (For snacks)
- 555 Tuna Paksiw: Php 21.65 (Just trying this out)
- Onion: Php 6
-Tomato: Php 5.25

  • Choco Lanay+ Choco Packet: Php 10 The only kakanin I bought

TOTAL:  Php 593

Friday, November 27, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

Ooopsies, very late post but anyways...

And oh, I bought Century Tuna at a nearby sari-sari store last week. I have been mixing it with Stark's food coz he hasn't been eating too well lately ( explanation below.) I don't usually buy anything from a sari-sari store and I don't  have any idea how much ang patong nila but man, ang mahal kaya. Well, at least in my neighborhood. Just to give you an idea, I usually buy Century Tuna for Php 27 at La Nueva but they sell it for Php 33 in my nearby sari-sari store. Nope, not against sari-sari store, I told you that many times, but man... 6 pesos more?! That's why I buy in bulk ( weekly), do weekly meal plan and buy everything whenever I do my Sunday wet market run kasi in the long run, nakakatipid ka talaga. As what Benjamin Franklin said, "A small leak will sink a great ship."

  • FRUITS and VEGGIES: Php 126.55
- Beans: Php 8 (Php 35 per kilo) I bought this at Porkshops: Virginia Farms  where I always get my sawdust/meat. Saw it was on sale so yah.

- Squash: Php 13.55 (Php 20 per kilo) I bought this at La Nueva coz it saw it was on sale.

- Banana (Lakatan): Php 50 (Php 45 per kilo)

- Eggplant, tomato, onion, cucumber, sayote - Php 55

  •  Fish: Php 50 ( Php 120 per kilo) I thought this would last me a long time, but I ended up cooking these all coz Stark hasn't been eating too well. He only eats whenever there is fish mixed in his food. Yah, Pepper is on her period ( first time, I know. My baby is now a lady :(! ) and my friend said his male dogs don't eat too well whenever his female dogs are in heat.

  • Chicken Neck: Php 72.24 (Php 70 per kilo) I don't know what got into me but I bought these! Plan to do some chicken neck adobo, whatever the hell that is! I got this idea when I went back to my province. I tried it and it was yum and chicken neck is cheap so winner! Haven't gotten around to it though.
  • Ground Pork: Php 57.09
  • Bones for Stark Pepper: Php 33.25
  • Sawdust for Stark and Pepper: Php 56.52 (Php 30 per kilo) I didn't end up using this coz as I said, Stark hasn't been eating that much and I still have leftover sawdust from previous weeks. Won't be buying sawdust tomorrow for sure.

  • La Nueva Grocery: Php 297.60
- Baker's Best Bread: Php 22.25
- Star Margarine: Php 62.45
- Toyo Sardines: Php 24.80 (Php 62.45 each) I bought this for Stark coz he hasn't been eating too well. I know sardines is bad for the dog's fur but the smell of fish in his food is the only thing Stark eats. I have been feeding him sardines before I discovered that he also love fried fish.
- Pisces Spanish Sardines: Php 79.55 I ended up mixing this on Stark's food as well.
- Fish Crackers: Php 30 (Php 7.50 each) Stark and Pepper's usual snack, but Stark won't even eat these na.
- Scotch Brite Sponge: Php 17.95
- Dazz Dishwasher Bar: Php 6.30
- Femme Tissue Paper: Php 7.75
- Rice: Php 33 (1 kilo)

TOTAL: Php 693.25

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

I didn't buy much  because there is a road construction leading to our subdivision and I have to walk a quarter of a mile coz no vehicles are allowed to enter, so no heavy stuff for me.

I still have tons of biscuits from previous wet market runs, so I still have food to snack on whenever I feel like it.

And oh gosh, the gasulito still works! I mentioned in my previous post that I ran out of LPG but I remember the trick my lola use to do ( I don't know how to explain it but you basically just tilt the LPG slowly from side to side, not all the way tilt though but just enough to kind of shake whatever is left inside. I know, my explanation sucks!) and then, boom, my gasulito has still a little juice left! Still using it until now.
  • Fruits and Veggies: Php 93.58
- Lanzones: Php 25 (Php 50 per kilo)
- String Beans: Php 8.58 (Php 35 per kilo) Bought this at Virginia Farms Porkshop together with the meat
- Veggies: Php 60

  • Coconut : Php 30 I was so proud of myself for choosing coconut instead of my usual kakanin.

  • Pork Bones (for Stark and Pepper) : Php 57.63 (Php 51 per kilo) It was on sale
  • Ground Pork: Php 45.14 (Php 153 per kilo)
  • Sawdust (for Stark and Pepper): Php 60 (Php 30 per kilo)

  • Rice: Php 31  (1 kilo)

  • Choco Lanay : Php 5 The only kakanin I got, so proud of myself! Ayuh!

  • La Nueva Grocery: Php 204.40
- Selecta Low Fat Milk: Php 71
- Fish Cracker: Php 22.50 (Php 7.50 each)
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.70
- Lucky Me Pancit Canton : Php 8.70
- Ligo Spanish Sardines: Php 30.40 Just trying this out. I'm kind of sick eating chili corned tuna.
- Camel Soy Sauce: Php 5.85
- Ram Green Peas: Php 8.25

Total: Php 526.75

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Random Life Update

  • Yah, I haven't been active. Well, for the past couple of Sundays I haven't  been going to the wet market coz I wanted to finish up my stash because I went to Pagadian for All Souls'/Saints' Day and I planned to turn off the fridge coz my bro won't use it since he hardly stays home.

  • My laptop went RIP so that contributed to the lack of post. I have been using that laptop for almost 7 years.

  • I went and bought a laptop yesterday.

  • And since I have a new laptop, I told my friend to help me find job online coz I am bored to death. Since I have been tambay for the longest time, I feel like I am not accomplishing anything in my life. I thought, "Gosh, I'm almost 30. I need to keep myself busy." I miss the rush I feel whenever I do something that earns. I need to find job kahit maliit lang ang sahod coz I am bored to death ( or maybe I should find  a hobby.) I feel like I am becoming depressed. I keep reminding myself of all the things I accomplished but nakaka depress ang tambay at walang ginagawa! Finance-wise, I am okay naman, pero emotionally- I need to get back on track. Maybe this depression and this feeling that I am not accomplishing anything contributed to the lack of post.

  • My electric bill went considerably down since I implemented the OPLAN ELECTRIC BILL. It hovers around Php 600-Php 700, so that's good.

  • I ran out of Gasulito just today. So that's 3 months!

I know, right? My life update is boring, so my life is basically boring, so yah.. :(