Friday, January 25, 2019

Registering as a Professional/Self Employed in BIR Chronicle: Getting a Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)

Professional Tax Receipt is one of the requirements to be able to register as freelancer in BIR.

Note: For the past two years, my company just automatically withheld my tax, but since the TRAIN Law is in full swing now, there are big changes with regards to my  tax payment this year and that includes registering myself as self-employed in BIR. I am so dreading to do this but I have to do this. You know naman how government offices work here in the Philippines. I'm crossing my fingers that it will go well and that I won't wait for a long time, just like the PRC renewal I did three years ago. 

How I got my PTR ( Mactan,Cebu) 

1. Go to the City Treasurer's Office located  at the 1st Floor, City Hally Main Building. Same office as where I paid my Real Property Tax. 

2. Before entering the office, get a priority number which is found near the door. Someone will assist you on this. 

3. Wait for your turn and prepare your PRC ID and Php 300 pesos. 

Note: It took me less than 10 minutes to get this because walang masyadong tao at that time. I got lucky, I guess.I went there on January 25th at around 11 AM. 


  1. This is the one where you will get receipts issued in your name, right? Tapos iba pa ba yung registration as self-employed professional?

    1. Hi Ms. Sera. I am not sure about that, to be honest. Our HR instructed us to register sa BIR. I will let you know po anong result once I'm done. :)


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