Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Landers: Haul and Prices & Buying in Bulk

It's been a while since I posted what I buy. Nothing much has changed. I still go to the wet market for vegetables, fruits and fish and I go to the grocery store for other goods. Well, something has changed though. I now go to Landers instead of SNR. Pareho naman sila. The difference lang is may mga store brands ang SNR, which I love. Two years ago, I bought an SNR store brand 1.5 liter of dishwashing soap. It costed about Php 400+ and until now, I'm still using the same soap. It's always good to buy in bulk. Nakaka save ka talaga. I also buy soy sauce, laundry detergent, vinegar, hand soap, cleaning supplies, etc. in bulk. I find that even though I initially pay big amount of money,  it still saves me tons. Plus, less trash is being generated. 

Note: My mom is coming to stay with me for two months, so there are things that I bought that I don't usually buy. 

 Ganador 1 sack (25kg) Php 1,459.75 ($27.65)

I used to buy Broken rice of Ganador (Php 30-40 per kilo) but I quit buying it because the more I ate it, the more, the taste seemed to get stranger. I don't know why but sometime last year, I became picky with my rice.I tried the sinandomeng and dinorado, but ganador is my favorite. 

Pedigree 20 kg Php 2,194.75 ($41.58)

I alternate between Vitality (Php 1,800- 15kg) and Pedigree OR mix them because My Baby Girl gets bored with her food so easily. 

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PanAmerican Loaf  - Php 84.75 ($1.61)(I still buy Gardenia but whenever I go to Landers, I buy their loaf because I like the taste of it. The whiter, the better. I know it's not healthy but I'm following Intermittent fasting, so okay lang naman.) 

Dog Shampoo 1000 ml Php 249.75 ($4.73)

Lily's Classic Peanut Butter-Natural 2kg  Php475.75 ($9.01) 

M.Y Fita cracker 1.5kg Php 259.75 ($4.92) ( Bought this for my mom to snack on.) 

Choc Nut 24 pcs (3 packs) Php 28.75 each ($0.54 each) (Bought this for mom as a welcome sweets. She loves this thing).

Sky Flakes  24 pcs. Php 116.75 ($2.21) (Bought this for my mom to snack on.) 

Oreo Peanut butter biscuit  Php 50 ($1) (on sale, regular price: 89.7- Bought this for my mom.) 

Lander's cookies Php 299.75 ($5.68)- 6 pcs. (Bought this for my friend) 

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