Monday, September 30, 2013

Daily Money Log- It's Been a Year!

September 2012 and September 2013

I have been doing the Daily Money Log and Categorizing them for a year now. If you notice the September 2012, I colored the dates, but a year later, I got tired and just stop that color drama.

I have been religiously listing everything that comes in and everything that goes out for 12 months now, and when I say everything, I mean everything! That penny I found would surely be listed or that .65 mouthwash I bought would be listed,too! It might look tedious, but I got used to it and I am actually enjoying it. 

You might ask me if its worth all the trouble listing everything, I would answer YES without a doubt! This system has help me become more conscious on what I buy. Through this, I would easily know how long products last on me. I became uber-frugal in a good way. I don't buy stuffs for the sake of buying. And the biggest benefit is it is kind of like a countdown to going-home-for-good- moment ! By doing this everyday, it seems like time passes me by so quick, next thing I'll know, I'll be in pinas for good :)

Would I still do this? Yes.. until I get tired of it, but for now, it's all good. I am enjoying it. :) 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My After-Workout Meal + Supplements

According to my research plus my friend's suggestion, we should eat after a rigorous workout/run 15 minutes (minimum), 30 minutes (maximum) to feed those hungry muscles.

 I jogged for 5 miles today (40 mins) and walked for 2 miles (9 mins). Below is my post-workout meal and my supplements I have been taking.

•Banana with 1 tbsp peanut butter
•Fish Oil
•Opti-Women Vitamins

I also alternate between this meal or whole wheat toasted bread with Nutella and peanut butter plus milk. 

One thing I don't scrimp is fruits and veggies. My frugality ends with stuffs but not with healthy meals. You might think I am super duper healthy but naaah, I have trouble controlling my sweet cravings from time to time, but I am making a conscious efforts to eat healthy meals most of the time.

Let's get healthy!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Frugal Tip: Take Candies Whenever, Wherever

My Own Stash

  If you are looking for ways to cut back, look at the way you are snacking. Little things do add up.

Going somewhere? A bag of assorted candies and water bottle intact and I'm ready to go...

Whenever I go somewhere, expect me to be carrying candies and water bottle with me. This strategy has save me a great deal of money.  

Hungry? No need to buy food,  I can pop candies or chew on some tootsie rolls and my hunger is in control good for when I arrive home. Thirsty? Lemme refill my small water bottle with water on that fountain.

Again, this has save me money and kept me from eating out a lot, which means extra savings, plus it's healthier than munching on those hamburger.

You can't go wrong with Jolly Rancher, Ricola and Tootsie Roll alongside water.

I am an avid fan of this little buddies of mine. 

How about you? What do you do when you get hungry while on the go? Do you just go and give in? Do you just buy a chips in the nearby sari-sari store or  just eat  in a fast food restaurant

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ask Me Anything!

Got a burning questions for me? 

As a way of saying thank you for supporting this humble blog, I created this space so you guys can ask me questions. Since I don't have a Twitter or a Facebook, this is the only way I can interact with you guys. I surely will answer your questions. I'll do my best to give you my honest opinion on whatever you want to ask.

Just "Post a Comment" to ask questions and I would get back to you as soon as possible. 

So..... ask away.. :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Overcoming Spending Temptation

Growing up having no fancy stuffs, growing up having hand-me-downs from my well -to-do cousins, I promised to buy everything I want once I have a job, and so I did. I went through a "spending phase".  My thinking was: I work hard and I need to reward myself with stuffs. When I started investing, I realize the value of money. 1 dollar can turn into 100 dollars! That became a major reason I was spending less.

When I decided to pursue minimalism  and I started letting go of stuffs, I became even more ninja when it comes to acquiring things. But remnants of my spendthrift days are still here, lurking around, not being used. It makes me feel bad that I wasted money on things I thought would bring happiness. Oh well, right? No shame, no blame! At least I didn't go into debt just to acquire these things.

 I don't reward myself with stuffs anymore, I reward myself with stocks! Über coolness, right?! hehe

These were stuffs I was once addicted to buying:

  • Converse Chuck Taylor-- I have a love affair with all things Chucks cuz I'm tomboy like that. I only have one pumps just in case there's a formal gathering. I'm glad that I only added 3 Converse after this picture. A blue , a flat girlie one and the customized one, but I have been meaning to get the white chucks but naaaaah, not now.. I have enough to last me a lifetime.

To tell you how crazy I am with Chucks, I designed my own, which I never wear coz "sayang". haha. It has the first 3 letters of my name, which I covered and the CE stands for Collector's Edition... Naaaah, it's actually my initials. Hehe

  • Perfume- There was a time that I can identify what perfume someone is wearing. Put me in a crowded place and I would secretly sniff people and would identify what scent they are wearing. I originally have almost 20 bottles. Ultimate regret :(

Other weakness:

•Flip flops
•Thrift store shopping
• Workout clothes-- sporty ones

I overcame my spending phase long time ago. The spendthrift monster is locked and chained  in the deepest part of the abyss. I have stuffs to last me a lifetime. 

How about you? What are your spending weakness? I hope you'll overcome and tame those the-urge-to-splurge monster. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Officially Fall!

September 22, 2013 (Sunday)- It's officially autumn  here, and it's by the way my favorite season. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be living in a country with four seasons. This would be my last fall coz ill be in pinas for good in eleven months:)

It was a foggy morning and I went for a jog around 7:15. The chill of the fall air is here and it was a lovely and blissful morning!

One of the sites I love looking at is when a park ranger trains his German shepherd early in the morning. I'd love to have a dog someday. I'd name him Stark  coz I love Tony Stark (Iron Man) :)

Sorry, park ranger and the dog can't be seen well. It was far :(

I just jogged for 3 miles coz the side stitch suddenly appeared! Ugh! I was at the peak of my run, but bam... side stitch! I should control my breathing to avoid that stabbing pain at the side of the abdomen. Oh well, at least I ran for 5 miles yesterday.

I walked for 5.15 miles since I felt bad not completing my 5 miles:(

I went to the store and I bought mouthwash. I had coupon for 4 dollars and I just paid 65 cents for a 1 liter mouthwash! Happy:)

I'll end this post with what I'm having for brunch. Right now, I'm having ramen noodles with poached egg while watching Mysteries at the Museum. 

Take care. :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Throwaway Thursday

If there's a Throwback Thursday, there is also Throwaway Thursday. These are  pictures of stuffs I am letting go or giving away to give way to a minimalist lifestyle, stuffs that I have been holding on for reasons unknown. This is one of my mantras: Less stuff, less stress.

This is my third Throwaway Thursday , but I have been letting go of stuffs long before that which I did not document coz I wasn't blogging at that time yet.

Rest assured that I am really letting go of these things. I don't post pictures just for the sake of posting pictures. This Throwaway Thursday really motivates me to slowly clean up and give away stuffs I don't use. 

These are things that I am giving away this week:


Water Bottles

Trench Coat




Less Stuff, Less Stress :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Complicate Stuffs?

My good friend, who I have been convincing to invest for the longest time, has been interested about stock market lately.  I am no expert when it comes to the nitty-gritty and the maze of the stock market world, but I do have a basic knowledge about it. Ask me when to get out and I'll give you a blank stare, but asked me when to get in and you'd see my eyes light up.

Calories In, Calories Out

A friend of mine has a complicated diet. He is known to be a fitness junkie and would exercise daily. He would tell us that he has a food weighing scale. He would weigh an apple and that scale would say how much calorie is in that certain apple. He would then jot it down before enjoying the apple. He would do that process on each and every food. His wife gave birth recently and we would joke that he should add one more so he can exercise with the two babies, one on each arms like dumbbells.

I am not a fitness junkie , but I did lost 20 lbs. by minding what I eat mixed with cardio and 15 mins exercise daily. I don't use food weighing scale, but I am mindful on what I put in my mouth, well.. not every single time, but still... :)

Why complicate exercise routine? It's all about calories in, calories out. 

Buy Low, Sell High

There was a time when I desire to be an expert on technical analysis. So I bought a book, read and study about it. From candlestick method to bars and graphs and whatnot. I love leaning about it, but the information that I gained make it hard for me to make a move-- I got paralyzed. Call it analysis paralysis.  Too much information got me over-analyzing/over-thinking , it go me conscious of my strategy. Am I doing the right thing? Wait, is that a breakaway gap? Should I call it quits? Is it a right time to get in? Market reversal? Bull? Bear? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..... All these information are haunting me, and then, I wouldn't make a single move, not even a sigh or a wink, coz I am afraid that I will make a mistake, a huge one.

Now, I don't give a honk about complicated technical analysis anymore. Yes, I'd still look at the chart and would listen to what's going on but I don't obsess about it. After I did my Fundamental Analysis on that certain stock, I'd invest, I'd wait, and I'd sell when it appreciate to a certain percentage that satisfies me.

Buy low, sell high. Why complicate investing strategy?  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cocoon Method: Cheap Way to Curl your Hair

I love curling my hair. It makes me feel so feminine! 

I have been finding ways to curl my hair cheaply without using any heat. This cocoon method definitely fits the criteria, so yay!

End result

Rocking my curl hair :)

Selfie Galore

Cocoon up close

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Running Challenge Completed

My friend and I tried the Nike+ App Challenge (PUT UP OR SHUT UP). It was both our first time. This is how the app basically works: when someone invites you for a challenge, and if you accept it, then the challenge will begin at the time set by the one who invited you. You don't have to run together, though.

And guess who won? ME!!!!

I have to cover my friend's name for privacy purposes

We run 6 miles. It was a fun experience. It feels like someone beside you is challenging you. I have no choice but to show my running prowess. haha!

It gave me an excuse to reward myself with frozen yogurt on my way to the library.  :) I was torn between Coldstone ice cream and frozen yogurt, but I'm really glad I decided to have froyo, its cheaper and healthier!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Throwaway Thursday

My third Throwaway Thursday. I can't believe I have a lot of unnecessary stuffs I have been holding on coz I might "need them someday" or "I'll fix it when I have time".  Instead of hoarding and waiting for that "someday" to come, I now believed that by the time I need it, I have the ability and the resources to secure that stuff.

Time to let them go.

Less stuff, less stress.

2 pants
2 hand sanitizers
Off Spray

American Eagle Ugg Inspired Boots
I have a real Ugg boots already. A Christmas gift from my employer. No need to keep this.

2 huge Sterilite Containers

Another huge Sterilite Container

HP Ink and Dried out Make-up remover wipes

And some other knickknacks 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why OFWs Don't Get Rich

  • Breadwinner

  • The family back home is completely dependent on the OFW's monthly padala

  • Banker 

  • The family's emergency fund. Pag mag emergency, sa OFW hihingi
  • Showing off

  • Sale and shop-'til-you-drop mentality

  • Gadgets

  • Branded  products from head to toe

  • Extramarital affairs

  • Buying a house in the Philippines they can't afford so they end up staying longer than they're suppose to

  • Giving impression to the relatives back home that it's raining money where they work

  • One day millionaire every payday

  • Bar hopping and happy time all the time

  • Instant gratification

  • Jealousy

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Frugality = Financial Independence

A realization hit me, no matter how many hours you work per day, if you don't watch where your money is going or if you don't practice frugality, you won't climb the finance independence stage quickly.

The first few years when I started working abroad, my schedule was packed. I was working around the clock. I only went home to change and rest for an hour or two then go back to work again. My life pretty much revolved around work. Energy drinks were my best friends at that time! Even though I seemed like I was working 24/7, I don't remember where my salary went! I don't remember saving it and I have nothing to show for all that 24/7 hard work! It's only when I started introducing frugality in my life that I saved up for my first million pesos! Frugality really works!

Never would I sacrifice my health and wellness to earn. Back then, I don't have the time to smell the flowers and money was elusive as ever even though I was working like crazy. Now that I have been taking it easy and enjoying my time off from work immensely, I am blessed to see my bank account growing without having to work hard like before.

Base on my experience, I can boldly say that frugality is the key to financial independence.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fortune Cookie

It was a busy day at work that we had a late lunch. My employer ordered Chinese food for everybody. Chinese food won't be complete without a fortune cookie. Of all fortune cookies on the table at that time, I picked this:

:) You will make a profitable investment :)

What are the odds, right? Of all the topic under the sun, I picked something I have been "in to".

Philippine market has took a beating lately, but surprisingly, mine haven't reach negative. It hovers around 10 percent gain! I have been holding on to most of it. Compound interest + time really does magic even though it's a bear-ish market.

Nice time to get in, I'm telling ya :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

UPDATE: 52 Week Saving Money Challenge

I am still going strong with this challenge. Originally, I put it in the plastic container but I wanted to display it, so I transferred the money in a glass flower vase and displayed it in my bookcase. 

I am in my 4th week and I would enter the 5th week this week. I have a total of 10 dollars! 

I don't have concrete plan on where to spend this money yet. I'm thinking of a nice and long massage.

I am excited to finish this challenge and buy something nice for myself. Yay!

How's yours going?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sushi Sunday

I am feeling rich today, so I got myself some sushi! It's an unusual Sunday since I almost always don't spend a dime on weekends, but I have been craving sushi for the longest time, so here I am eating sushi!

I also ordered Hot Fudge Sundae at McDonald's

For drinks, I asked for a glass of water. No added calories, plus it's free! *big grin*

But I jogged and walked prior to that. So I thinks it's okay to pig out!

I only jogged for 2.75 instead of 3 miles coz my side stitch was unbearable.

I just walked instead.

7.8 miles walk ain't that bad, right?
MapMyWalk App

Selfie with the sushi. Forgive me, need to take a pic with these coz this is a rare thing! :)