Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sushi Sunday

I am feeling rich today, so I got myself some sushi! It's an unusual Sunday since I almost always don't spend a dime on weekends, but I have been craving sushi for the longest time, so here I am eating sushi!

I also ordered Hot Fudge Sundae at McDonald's

For drinks, I asked for a glass of water. No added calories, plus it's free! *big grin*

But I jogged and walked prior to that. So I thinks it's okay to pig out!

I only jogged for 2.75 instead of 3 miles coz my side stitch was unbearable.

I just walked instead.

7.8 miles walk ain't that bad, right?
MapMyWalk App

Selfie with the sushi. Forgive me, need to take a pic with these coz this is a rare thing! :)

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  1. i'm not into raw fish. ang keri ko lang atang kainin ay maki from karate kid. hehe.


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