Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Officially Fall!

September 22, 2013 (Sunday)- It's officially autumn  here, and it's by the way my favorite season. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be living in a country with four seasons. This would be my last fall coz ill be in pinas for good in eleven months:)

It was a foggy morning and I went for a jog around 7:15. The chill of the fall air is here and it was a lovely and blissful morning!

One of the sites I love looking at is when a park ranger trains his German shepherd early in the morning. I'd love to have a dog someday. I'd name him Stark  coz I love Tony Stark (Iron Man) :)

Sorry, park ranger and the dog can't be seen well. It was far :(

I just jogged for 3 miles coz the side stitch suddenly appeared! Ugh! I was at the peak of my run, but bam... side stitch! I should control my breathing to avoid that stabbing pain at the side of the abdomen. Oh well, at least I ran for 5 miles yesterday.

I walked for 5.15 miles since I felt bad not completing my 5 miles:(

I went to the store and I bought mouthwash. I had coupon for 4 dollars and I just paid 65 cents for a 1 liter mouthwash! Happy:)

I'll end this post with what I'm having for brunch. Right now, I'm having ramen noodles with poached egg while watching Mysteries at the Museum. 

Take care. :)

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