Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Saving Wastewater: Extreme Cheapskate Alert!

Wastewater: water that has already been used in washing, etc.
A little secret I'd like to share with you guys, I save wastewater! Shocking, isn't it? Not really, you know me.. I'm cheap like that.
Those water that has been used in rinsing clothes when doing laundry, in it goes to that big tub to be used for flushing toilets:

A Big Tub for Wastewater
Bought at Unitop, Lapu Lapu for Php 269 ( The best 269 I've ever spent!)

Whenever I take a shower, I even step inside a basin so I could save the wastewater, and that wastewater goes in that big-ass black tub as well. I am the only one doing it in my family. I know, I know.:

LOL, right?!

You might think I am miserable for doing this, I am not! In fact, nasisiyahan pa nga ako eh!

True, I might be doing this cheapskate stuff here, but not in all areas of my life kaya. I am planning pa nga to go get a car in cash very soon. So really, when you think about it, I am not that full-blown Extreme Cheapskate just like the one you see in TLC. (I used to watch that show a lot!) Defensive? Naaah.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet My Two New Babies!

When Ganni went to the Rainbow Bridge few weeks back, the pain was unbearable, like, I kinda don't want another pet to love ever again coz the pain was too much. I blamed myself, but trusted that the Big Guy up there has other plans.

For a week, I cannot get myself to cheer up. "Will this pain ever end?," I asked myself a lot, until I decided to get... not just one, but two Golden Retrievers! 

Stark and Pepper, I named them.

Guess where I got their names...

I will be getting them this Thursday! I made sure that the vaccinations are all complete before taking them home,  a thing I didn't do with My Ganni.

To my Ganni Bear,

Mommy still misses you so bad. I'll see you in the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes, okay Baby Love? Watch over your new little brother and your new little sister and whisper in their ears when they become too rowdy and too much for Mommy to handle, okay?

I love you My Gannicus, forever and ever.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wet Market Sunday: What Did I Buy? ( Meal of the Week)

I keep my  food/grocery bill under Php 1,000 every week ( 4 person). Since the house is under construction, I added Php 500 to the food budget because I shoulder the workers' snacks ( bread, juice and coffee.) So all in all, I alloted Php 1,500 every week for our food/grocery budget.

I do go to a supermarket (La Nueva, Lapu Lapu) once a week to buy coffee, sugar, canned goods, and all the things I can't get cheaply in the wet market.

What did I buy today?

Veggies:          160
1/2 Kilo Fish:     50
Dried Fish:        15
3 loaves of bread   75 ( 2 afternoon snacks for workers)
15 pcs of bread    60 ( 2 morning snacks for workers)
Mango             20
Masi               20

Total:           Php 400

Veggies (Php 160)

1/4 kilo of dried fish ( Php 15)

1/2 kilo of Fish ( Php 50)

Yummy Masi ( my fave) Php 20

Hindi masyadong matamis na manga
I'm glad I only bought 2
Php 20

Why am I posting what I buy? As a former OFW who have been away from home for a long time, I have been searching for this kind of posts when I was still working abroad just to know what are the current prices of the basic food in the Philippines. I wanted to know so I can make a detailed budget while I was still planning my "pinas for good" moment,but sadly I didn't find any. I wish this series of posts will be a great help for those kababayans out there who wants to know the current prices of the basic food here in the Philippines so you too can easily plan your "pinas for good" moment.

Do you like this kind of posts or should I quit doing this?