Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wet Market Sunday: What Did I Buy? ( Meal of the Week)

I keep my  food/grocery bill under Php 1,000 every week ( 4 person). Since the house is under construction, I added Php 500 to the food budget because I shoulder the workers' snacks ( bread, juice and coffee.) So all in all, I alloted Php 1,500 every week for our food/grocery budget.

I do go to a supermarket (La Nueva, Lapu Lapu) once a week to buy coffee, sugar, canned goods, and all the things I can't get cheaply in the wet market.

What did I buy today?

Veggies:          160
1/2 Kilo Fish:     50
Dried Fish:        15
3 loaves of bread   75 ( 2 afternoon snacks for workers)
15 pcs of bread    60 ( 2 morning snacks for workers)
Mango             20
Masi               20

Total:           Php 400

Veggies (Php 160)

1/4 kilo of dried fish ( Php 15)

1/2 kilo of Fish ( Php 50)

Yummy Masi ( my fave) Php 20

Hindi masyadong matamis na manga
I'm glad I only bought 2
Php 20

Why am I posting what I buy? As a former OFW who have been away from home for a long time, I have been searching for this kind of posts when I was still working abroad just to know what are the current prices of the basic food in the Philippines. I wanted to know so I can make a detailed budget while I was still planning my "pinas for good" moment,but sadly I didn't find any. I wish this series of posts will be a great help for those kababayans out there who wants to know the current prices of the basic food here in the Philippines so you too can easily plan your "pinas for good" moment.

Do you like this kind of posts or should I quit doing this?


  1. Really like your post. Love reading blogs from financially responsible people so just keep them coming. I myself watch my spending every month, save, & invest as well. First time I saw your blog & will regularly be dropping by moving forward. Happy Easter Sunday!

  2. This is a great post. When we will be finally in our own nest, I also plan on posting details just like this for my own personal reference and can be a help as well to the readers. I admire many American blogs that detailed their budget and the things they bought. They are very brave and generous to reveal their figures. You rarely see it in Pinoy blogs. God bless your endeavors.

    1. I know, right? I think pinoy bloggers are kind of shy pa when it comes to revealing their budgets and figures.

      Thanks! Will hop over to your blog

  3. Wow, buti mura ang galunggong sa inyo---dito sa manila 80 per 1/2, bangus 70 per 1/2 kilo binili ko last week. Buti medyo mura ang bigas - 1 sack of rice I got for only P 1,850 plus some veggies & rekado sa suki ng nanay ko (mas maganda kung makahanap ka ng suki sa palengke nyo).
    Ganyan din ako sa groceries yung mga basics like coffee, milk, sugar, vegetable/ canola oil, vinegar, soy sauce, patis, etc - mas sure at mas mura minsan sa grocery kasi.

    1. Yup, ma igi if meron ka talagang suki. ako, meron na akong suki. papatawarin ka everytime you go. hehehe. kahit 5 pesos na tawad, ok na ok na yun

  4. Medyo mahirap kapag nagpapagawa ng bahay, asikaso mo lahat. Mabuti hindi ka patakbo takbo sa hardware pag kulang :)

    1. yan talaga ang drama ko, papunta punta ng hardware. hehehe.

  5. I think it's a great idea. Personally, I like looking at numbers and prices as well as comparisons of stuff. And I'm sure maraming OFWs ka rin na matutulungan lalo na sa kung magkano ang dapat ibigay na food budget/allowance sa mga mahal sa buhay nila dito sa Pinas. :)

    1. oo nga ano, yung may mga sinusupurtahan dito sa pinas nga. so that they wont give naman too much or too little, diba?

  6. I'm glad you posted your food expense. I was about to email you and ask you about your budget. So very helpful! Salamat! Congrats with the two new babies!

    1. A lot of budget and expenses posts will be up very soon ( electricity, water and the likes) :)

  7. More of this kind of posts please...

  8. Hi Girl,

    I am your avid fan since andoon ka pa sa labas ng bansa.

    Lagi akong pumpunta sa blog mo every week to see if you have a new post.

    Kpag meron kang bagong topic, excited akong basahin. hehehe
    it's like it made my day na!

    just like others i super love ur blog coz ur so totoo. saka nakakarelate ako sau.
    . mejo same tau ng style eh.. hahaha..i drop you an email pala. thanks

    1. Hey, sorry ha for the late reply. anyway, that is so touching naman what you commented. I will surely reply sa email mo. Now lang talaga ako nakabalik sa pag bo-blog girl..

      Thanks a bunch. This comment made my day, for reals.

    2. Hey girl, tama ba ang email mo?

      By the way, do you like to work in Accenture? My branch sila jan sa Cebu. If you like pwd kita erefer.

      Your Avid Fan :) Smile

    3. Hey,

      yah.. that's my email. we will try and look for your email and reply ha?

      Wow, ill try and consider Accenture. Thanks ;)


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