Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LTO Cebu City: Student Permit and Renewal of Dormant Non-Pro License

Student Permit:

What you need:

1. Medical- Php 100 ( You can get it outside of LTO-Cebu) Processing time: Less than 5 minutes
2. Photocopy of your NSO
3. Php 315

Processing Time: Less than 30 minutes

According to my friend's cousin, he went there in the morning and it took him 2 hours to get Student Permit. We went there yesterday at  2 PM and the transaction was such a breeze.

Dormant Non-Pro License

1. Medical- Php 100
2. Drug Test- Php 300 ( You can get it outside of LTO) Processing time: Less than 10 minutes.
3. Affidavit of Loss ( If you don't have your previous license)
4. Take the exam ( Sira daw ang scanner nila. According to the LTO guy, it has been 1 month na they aren't conducting exam. I have to go daw sa E-mall or Danao ( wherever that is).

Note: I wanted to apply for Student Permit, but nakita na may records ako seven years ago, so I can't. According to the LTO guy, if it's over 10 years, then I can apply for SP but since hindi, I have to take the exam and all. Ugh!

Let's see how this goes.