Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2017: Income and Expenses

I spent a lot this month. Stark got sick and I had to take them to the vet for their yearly shots. Even though I almost spent my February salary, I'm still happy because I didn't overspend. Ever since I started working online, I always have leftover at the end of the month no matter how much I "splurge". I guess the saver in me is here to stay. 


Feb 1-15

Feb. 16-28

I also sold a perfume. Php 1,000 ( I have been selling all my unused stuffs online. Extra money + getting rid of stuffs = winner!)

I also earned extra Php 1,250 (side hustle)

I also gave Php 2,000 to my niece. I am still helping her with tuition fee. If you still remember, I mentioned before that I already budgeted for my nieces' tuition fee (from high school all the way to college) before I went home for good. I'm happy that I am not touching the money I saved for her since I have been getting the money from my salary. (Nope, not the niece who got pregnant. Still not talking to that niece.)

Europe Trip Savings= Php 59,000 + 3,186.85 = PHP 62,186.85