Sunday, November 25, 2018

BPI Express Credit Card: How to Increase You Credit Card Limit

There are three ways to increase your credit card limit: 

1. Via Online Banking: For registered Online Banking users, Log in to your account, click Other Services > Credit Card Services > Increase in Credit Limit.  


1. Must be a principal cardholder for a year and must not have requested for an increase of credit card limit in the last six (6) months. 
2. Request is subject for evaluation/approval. 
3. For credit card acquired through Express Start program, credit card limit request should be done in your branch of account. 
4. If approved (Php 100,000 and above), the credit card will be be upgraded to Gold MasterCard.
5. Fill up the information: 

6. Fax the requirements to 845-5738 with routing code 20611



For employed individuals: ITR or Certificate of Employment and Latest 2 payslips
For self-employed individuals: ITR or Audited Financial Statement
For professionals: ITR


You must indicate your complete name and confirmation number on the documents you will be sending through fax.
Request will be cancelled if requirements are not received within 3 banking days. 

2. Via Phone Banking:

  • 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (available to PLDT subscribers)
  • +63 + 2 + 89-10000 for mobile phone users

3. Maintaining good credit standing: 

Luckily, I was able to increase my credit limit with no hassle by maintaining a good credit standing.  It took me 1 year and six months for them to increase my credit limit. This is very helpful, esp. when it comes to purchasing big ticket items,as I don't need to split my payment. Though, I make it into a point to always pay EVERYTHING at the end of the month. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Guns N’ Roses Concert + Mt. Gola and Mt. Manalmon Trek

Mt. Manalmon
This kind of scenery makes me want to climb more mountains

Got the front and center spot. Well, I arrived at the venue at 8. The first person in line. Basically, I waited for a good 12+ hours before the show. I wasn’t pleased with the organizer of the show. The person who was assigned at the entrance didn’t have clear instruction on where to line up. Here I was  waiting from 7:40 AM then someone was arguing na she was lining up since 12 sa other side, then ang inutil na  lady, parang natakot and she decided na mag make ng two lines. UGH! Pero all went well coz front and center baby! Psst. Go to Gun’s and Roses Instagram/Twitter page and you will see me there. I was featured. The girl who was holding a GNR limited Edition shirt. Hehe. 

Axl Rose
He physically changed, but he still have the same smile.


He looked at me twice and smiled once. Okay, I'm smitten na! hah!

I paid 1,600 for this, but it's all worth it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Working From Home as an ESL Teacher: PROS and CONS

I have been working from home as an ESL teacher for almost 3 years now and here are some mishmash of thoughts and experiences:

  • It's an easy peasy job, but it gets boring. No career growth, no promotion. So if title matters to you, then being an ESL teacher isn't for you.  
  • The highest salary that I got was Php 30,000 and the lowest was about Php 18,000 (when I was still new). My average salary is about Php 25,000. You can earn as much as Php 45,000 if you are working full time. Kaso, hindi kaya ng beauty ko 'yan. Too lazy to be working full time.
  • I work 6 to 7 hours a day five times a week. If may pangangailangan, I add more slots. Depende lang talaga sa mood ko. But my usual target is Php 22,000. 
  • There's five percent tax being deducted from my salary. 
  • No SSS, PhilHealth, insurance and all those benefits.
  • No work, no pay.
  • I can wear decent t-shirt lang.Sometimes  (I mean, most of the time) I don't wear bra! haha! Basta shirts lang na may print sa harapan and hindi mahahalata ang nips, okay lang yan. Besides, they will only see your shoulder area.
  • No 13th month pay, but my company gives me bonus naman. Last December, I got Php 7k as a bonus. Not bad na rin
  • Getting in is difficult, but if gamay mo na ang industry, it's easy to stay na. My demo was a disaster but I'm glad my company gave me a chance. Now, I'm one of their popular teachers kasi na pupuno talaga ang slots ko and they have been asking me to add more slots but no can do. Too lazy for that. 
  • Brownout and poor internet connection are your enemies. I'm thinking of investing on a generator. I checked sa Ace Hardware. Mga less thank Php 20k lang ang isa. 
  • You have to invest in your own equipment. Mahal din ang mga earphones and all that gadgets. 
  • Japanese people are very polite. You have to be respectful though. They don't mind talking about sensitive topics, like religion and politics, just as long as you are polite about it. 
  • As in, since I have been teaching online, I have become aware of current events. You have to keep up with current events kasi my upper intermediate to advance students ka then if you are talking about North Korea or territorial problems of Japan and wala kang ma share, nga-nga!
  • I prefer adult students than children. Good thing is 90 percent of my students is adults. 
  • Company matters to me. When I was searching for a company three years ago, I wanted to be a part of a small  and growing company with good staff. My company is growing, all right. They now offer free accommodation for office-based ESL teachers. 
  • It gets boring. Example, when Kim Jong Nam was assassinated, I had to talk about it almost every hour and every day for two weeks. So if may major world events, be prepared to talk about it endlessly. 
  • No officemates. It's a pro and a con. Pro kasi no more office politics, Con kasi it gets boring. Buti at my dogs ako. 
  • Not having to deal with traffic jam. I didn't realize how bad the traffic here sa Cebu until I got here, especially sa my old bridge (Mactan-Cebu City). Almost anywhere, traffic na din dito sa Cebu. 
  • I can enjoy my house and my dogs and I can choose when I want to work.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages so I'm sticking to this industry for a while. 

Some people ask me, do you feel tired working online? I always answer them: Tanang trabaho kapoy, that's why they call it "work". Duh. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Metrobank Credit Card: Reversal of Late Charges

I was very pissed because I overlooked  my Metrobank credit card's due date. I'm always on top of this, but I guess nobody is perfect. I also have problems with receiving my statement of account. It happens to me twice na. When I called them, someone received my statement of account daw. Eh I'm just living by myself and my mailbox pa ako  sa may gate. Ugh! I opted for my statement of account to be e-mailed nalang. Besides, I found out that it's okay to pay at SM Payment Center without statement of account. 

Here's what I did to reverse the late charges.

1.  I called them. 
2.  I told the costumer service representative that I want to "negotiate" (Yep, that's the term I used. Not used to this thing!) for the reversal of my late charges. 
3. She told me that I should pay first and then call them again. 
4. I called them the next day. They said that I should call them back 3 to 4 business days to see if my request has been approved. Well, I don't need to call them back because I already found out that the late charge has been reversed. 

It doesn't hurt to call and negotiate.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Things I do to save money

  • I am still using my diy, reusable sanitary pads. 
  • I bought a bunch of reusable towelettes to be used after I go number 1 (though I still buy toilet paper for my visitors)
  • I drink tap water. I make sure that the water I'm getting is not from the water tank but from the source (MCWD). I have been doing this since I came back and I haven't been sick so I guess it's okay. 
  • I work from home. (Honestly, this saves me tons of money- from transportation to clothes)
  • I don't wear too much makeup. I only wear makeup when I go out (once or twice a week). My essentials are: face powder, blush and eyeliner. 
  • I keep my nails short. I don’t do manicure or pedicure.
  • My skincare products consist of: Dove soap, lotion, sunscreen for AM and regular moisturizer for PM. I only wear deodorant when I go out.)
  • My only beauty luho is waxing, but to prolong the effects of waxing, I epilate in between.
  • I quit using Downy. Honestly, I don’t notice any difference.
  • I walk twice a day (morning and evening). My dogs are the reason why I go out of the house and exercise regularly. 
  • I do Intermittent Fasting. I don't know if this saves me money, but I honestly think it's one of the best diets out there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

On Kids and Marriage

Almost all of my cousins are married and have kids (even mg ex and my cousin already have a kid!) as well as most of my batchmates and friends. I’m 32 years old and I don’t feel like getting married and having kids. Is there something wrong with me? And oh, I’m straight. 

My 94-year-old grandma is worried about my situation. Originally, she was worried because she thought (or maybe she is still thinking) that I  was (or am) still affected by my ex getting married with my cousin. She surprised visit me last month and she kept pushing me to get married and that I will be miserable if I don’t get married. I asked, “Is marriage the only form of happiness?”

All of my cousins in Pagadian don’t share my views about marriage and kids, that’s why I don’t feel like visiting them because the discussion turns to: Oi, when are you getting married bah? I don’t want to get married just to make me feel complete (because I know it won’t complete me), I don't want to have kids just because I want someone to take care of me when I get old. I always ask myself: Am I normal? Why don’t I feel the urge to get married or have kids? Until now, I don’t hear my biological clock ticking. Am I really normal?

My family just don’t understand. It’s my choice. I hope they’ll understand that and I hope they’ll respect my choices in life. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Metrobank Credit Card: Received One Without Applying

Look what I got! Another credit card!


One year annual fee is waived.  (The next year, if they won't waive it, I'll let it go.) 
1 point for every Php 20 spent (BPI is 1 point for every Php 30 spent.) 

My rule of thumb when using credit card: I never EVER carry  a balance. Though I let my friends use my credit card for points purposes,BUT  my rule is that they should pay me first before they could use it. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Guns N' Roses Ticket!

Guns N' Roses is coming to Manila! Ahhh! I lined up pretty early yesterday to grab a ticket! Eeeeih! 

Dream Concerts  I'd like to go to in the future: Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Matchbox 20, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Nirvana .



You know what, I'm really sad about Anthony Bourdain's suicide. I got teary eyed when my friend informed me of his passing. Through his show, he became a part of my life in America.  I used to wait for his show at 9 PM on Monday.  I still memorize his "No Reservations"intro. Rest in Peace, Tony. :(

Monday, June 4, 2018

May 2018: Income and Expenses

It has been a while since I posted my monthly earnings and spendings, so here it is. : 

Earnings from Online Teaching 

Earnings from Online Teaching: Php 23,040
Temporary Side Hustle:  Php 8, 948.97 

Note: As for the temporary side hustle, my friend found an online job which pays more than her current one so she let me worked for a bit. Price: $2.70 per hour. Very easy job. 

Food: I should make another spending category for "eating out" since I just put it in the "food" category. I ate out quite a lot last month since I watched 3 movies with my friends  (Avengers, Deadpool and Solo). And every time I watch movies with my friends, we always eat out after and  I always order this: 

Starbucks+ Potato Corner Chili Barbecue and Sour Cream (giga)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Comparing Prices: VEGGIES (Landers VS. Robinsons VS. SM Hypermarket VS. Wet Market)

Comparing prices for veggies that I regularly buy. 

Where do you shop? 


First picture: Landers
Second picture: Robinsons
Third picture: SM 
No picture for veggies from wet market. You can refer to my previous wet market posts for prices. 


Prices vary talaga. More than 50 percent higher ang mga supermarkets compared to wet market. The price of convenience nga naman no? Here's the result of my careful comparison, from cheapest to most expensive:

1. Wet Market
2. SM Hypermarket
3. Landers
4. Robinsons


Landers: Php 188.75/ kg 
Robinsons: Php 62/kg
SM Hypermarket: Php 75/kg
Wet Market: Php 40/kg

White Onion

Landers: Php 89.75/kg
Robinsons : Php 160/kg (See the picture above for reference)
SM Hypermarket: Php 97/kg
Wet Market: Php 60/kg


Landers Php 144.75/kg
Robinsons Php 185/kg (See the first set of pictures for reference)
SM Hypermarket Php 123/kg
Wet Market Php 70/kg 

Baguio Beans

Landers Php 109.75/ kg 
Robinsons Php 80/kg
SM Hypermarket Php 78/kg 
Wet Market Php 50/kg


Landers Php 52.75/kg
Robinsons Php Php 69/kg
SM Hypermarket Php 48/kg
Wet Market Php 10 each 


Landers Php 99.75/kg
SM Hypermarket Php 90/kg 
Wet Market Php 56/kilo 


Landers Php 99.75/kg
Robinsons Php Php 62/kg
SM Hypermarket  Php 52/kg
Wet market Php 40/kg 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Things I Did For Him

I am still at the anger stage of grief. I can’t sleep well. I can’t eat well. I’ll go out with my friends, probably watch a movie or something (Solo: A Star Wars Story), just to distract myself from these awful things I’m feeling. I feel like I can’t breathe. I am
angry at him, for not grabbing all the chances that I gave him to make his life better. Here are the things I did for him and some of the awful things he did to us:

  • I sent him to rehab for 3 years. He said he was ready to change and I believed him. Cost: almost Php 300k
  • I helped his daughters with tuition fees.
  • Gave his wife money so she can study nail art. She has a very good job now. They’re separated.
  • Yah, the rehab did work.  He got fat. We saw a big change but then he had falling out with his group. I don’t know the reason. He relapsed. 
  • I was still abroad when he relapsed. I don't have any idea about that. I gave him money so he can look for a job. I don’t know exactly how much, but I supported him.
  • I sent a total of ten boxes to prepare myself for my pinas for good moment. I instructed them not to open it until I get home. Pagdating ko dito, all of them were either pawned or sold. Hindi naman ako nag kulang sa kanila ng padala. He asked sorry. I forgave him. After all, stuff lang naman ‘yon. They could be replaced.
  • They also pawned my land title to my lola. Nagka-utang din sila doon. I still forgive them.
  • He turned my mom into a punching bag. When I returned home, ang daming pasa ni mama. But still, I let it pass. Baka things will get better, I thought. Besides, I wasn’t there when those things happened. 
  • He said he wanted to start over. He’d like to go to his friend’s farm and probably find a job there. Naniwala naman ako. I gave him Php 10k. One week later, bumalik. But I still forgave him.
  • I bought him a jeep with franchise( Cordova-New Bridge) Php 250k. It was his dream. I made it happened for him. I thought, “Hey, he could drive, my mom will have her sari-sari store and younger brother and I could work= happy family.”
  • He became very abusive. When I was in the process of constructing my house, he was one of the workers with Php 350 per day. He never contributed anything at all, but that’s okay, I thought. He said kasi na he was helping her daughters. I found out na hindi totoo.
  • I found an injection in the bathroom and I confronted him about it. That was the starting point of our downward spiral.
  • He became very abusive to my mom. One time, I went out but before finally leaving home, I was standing in front of my house and I heard him shouting at my mom asking for money. 
  • We had confrontation and arguments two times. He was shouting, throwing things. I said sorry but I told myself and I also told him na if this is going to reach three times, I will call the police.
  • It happened the third time. I overheard him shouting at my mom to fetch water. I told him, "Why don't you do it yourself?". He was just watching TV lang naman. He was shouting and throwing things again. Being true to my words,  I called the police. Super abusive na eh. Doon ko na pinalayas. Why would I let someone abuse me in my own house and ako pa ang nagpapalamon sa kanya? NO.FREAKING.WAY.
  • I secured a restraining order. He was shouting and making a scene outside. He chased me with a knife. It was the most humiliating moment of my life.
  • I'm glad that at that time, the jeep had a flat tire so he wasn't able to take it. He left and he took the newly-bought battery and the stereo plus 2k. I was advised by the tanod to give him 2k so he can go to Pagadian. He never reached Pagadian. He was texting pa my relatives asking for money coz nag land trip lang daw sia and he was stuck in Dipolog.
  • He had been texting me threatening things. I hired a security guard for a month coz I felt like he was going to attack anytime.

And so that’s the story. 

I wasn’t the only one who helped him. Before I went abroad, my paternal relatives had been helping him na. Sooooo many chances, all of them gone to waste.

Now tell me, I have all the rights to be angry, right?

Done watching “Solo”. Daenerys was there. Vision was there. 

I’ll rest my eyes and my heart for tonight.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

He is an HIV-positive.

Three days ago, a man came knocking on my door.

It was my eldest “evil” brother. I didn’t answer. I called the police. I have restraining order for him. Why the hell would he dare go near me?

Police didn’t come, but the subdivision’s peacekeeping officers drove him out. 

It has been almost three years since the most humiliating part of my life happened. (Dig it up in this blog if you like)

Few hours ago, a van parked across my house. Two guys were knocking on my door. They were from the rehab center where I sent my brother years ago. I was mean to them. They said that they would just relay some information about the result of my brother’s medical exam. I said I don’t care, that I already gave him tons of chances in the past but all of them have gone to waste. I kept yapping about “what I did for him” and “what I gave him”. And they said, “We don't want your financial help ma'am, we just want to relay some information that your brother is positive for HIV”

I was still yapping. I said, “Well, you shouldn't have told me about it. Go tell her wife and my mom. That’s the result of his life choices."

After they left, I cried buckets. I am crying right now in fact. After he all he did to me, to my mom, he is still my brother. I don't have the heart to forgive him yet, but I’m hoping that my I will be able to find it sooner rather than later. 

FYI: He got the HIV from injections.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wet Market: Current Prices of Fruits and Veggies+ What I Buy This Week+ House Maintenance

Note: Php 1 = $ 52.37

Note: I still got some food left from the other week's wet market trip. I still have fish and meat in the fridge. 

Eggs Php 5 each ( $.095 each)
Mangoes Php 80 per kilo ($1.53 per kilo)
Avocado Php 80 per kilo ($1.53 per kilo)
Watermelon Php 40 per kilo ($.76 per kilo)
Sayote Php 8 pesos each ($.15 each)
Chinese Cabbage Php 35 per kilo ($.67 per kilo)
Headed Cabbage Php 40 per kilo ($.76 per kilo)
Carrots Php 56 per kilo ($1.06 per kilo)
Garlic Php 70 per kilo ($ 1.33 per kilo)
Tomato Php 40 per kilo ($.76 per kilo)
Rice Php 45 per kilo ($.85 per kilo)
Kakanin Php 25 ($.47 each)
Pork Steak Cut Php 236 per kilo ($ 4.50 per kilo)
Regular Ground Pork Php 145 per kilo ($2.76 per kilo) 

Bought at Robinsons Supermarket Lapu Lapu last week, except for bananas

Gardenia Bread Php 62 ($1.18)
Peanut Butter (Robinsons' Brand 340g) Php 80 ($1.53 340g)
Lettuce Php 225 per kilo ($4.29 per kilo)

Vitality Dog Food 15 kgs Php 1,870 ($35.67)
Toothpaste for dogs Php 325 ($ 6.20)

Why do I buy a lot of Sardines? I am feeding two neighborhood stray dogs everyday
Bought these at La Nueva Public Market Lapu Lapu

Kim Sardines Php 10 each (The cheapest sardines I could find) ($.19)
Yema Php 25 per bag 30 pcs  ($.47 per bag 30 pcs.)

My water tank got broken so I had it fixed and these are the materials.

Plumber fixing my water tank
One of the disadvantages of owning a house is that things get broken so you have to pay/save for maintenance 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

BPI Express Credit Card: How to Reverse Annual Membership Fee (No Threats Required)

Thanks to the person who commented about this trick on my post "BPI Express Credit Card Detailed Timeline: From Application to Delivery"
 Whoever you are, your advice worked! :) I didn't have to threat the costumer service in order to reverse the annual membership fee! :)

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi! Is there anything I can do to cancel my annual membership fee? 
CS: Hold on one moment, Ma'am. Let me see what I can do with that. 

Few seconds later....

CS: Okay ma'am. I already waived your credit card annual fee for this year. You will be able to see the refund next month. 

Note: I called on May 5th. I got the refund on May 8th.

Simple as that. 

My advice: You shouldn't delay reversing your annual membership fee. Once you found out that you have been billed for that, you should call the costumer service right away. I think that's why my friend wasn't able to successfully ask for reversal because she was billed two months ago na. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

“Oi, Ba’t Hindi Ka Nag Business?”

I always get asked this question, especially when people know that I used to be an OFW. Why I didn’t get into business nga ba? Here are my reasons:

  • Because I haven’t found a business I’m excited about.
  • Maybe I don’t have any business bones in me. 
  • I’m too afraid that if I start a business, it would consume my time.
  • I consider business a headache. Like I said, I don't have any business bone in me.

As I always said in my past blogs, “I want to work not because I have to but because I want to.” And modesty aside, I am already there. The recipe for this?:

Zero debt + keeping lifestyle as low as possible= Freedom and options

OFWs, pag uwi mo sa pinas and you choose not to get into business, beware you will be asked this question tons of times.