Thursday, September 27, 2018

Things I do to save money

  • I am still using my diy, reusable sanitary pads. 
  • I bought a bunch of reusable towelettes to be used after I go number 1 (though I still buy toilet paper for my visitors)
  • I drink tap water. I make sure that the water I'm getting is not from the water tank but from the source (MCWD). I have been doing this since I came back and I haven't been sick so I guess it's okay. 
  • I work from home. (Honestly, this saves me tons of money- from transportation to clothes)
  • I don't wear too much makeup. I only wear makeup when I go out (once or twice a week). My essentials are: face powder, blush and eyeliner. 
  • I keep my nails short. I don’t do manicure or pedicure.
  • My skincare products consist of: Dove soap, lotion, sunscreen for AM and regular moisturizer for PM. I only wear deodorant when I go out.)
  • My only beauty luho is waxing, but to prolong the effects of waxing, I epilate in between.
  • I quit using Downy. Honestly, I don’t notice any difference.
  • I walk twice a day (morning and evening). My dogs are the reason why I go out of the house and exercise regularly. 
  • I do Intermittent Fasting. I don't know if this saves me money, but I honestly think it's one of the best diets out there.

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  1. I also stopped using Downy for a year now and can't tell the difference at all. If my clothes look shabby then it's time to buy a replacement that is on sale.
    What about for entertainment? Do you subscribe to Netflix, Audible, or something else? I ditched The Filipino Channel and stick to Netflix instead which allows me to watch series and documentaries and Koreanovelas.
    Can you share what epilator do you use and is it best to use it on a dry skin?


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