Friday, July 19, 2019

Yellow Fever Vaccine in Cebu: Personal and Detailed Experience

I am going to South America for six weeks, and one of the requirements is a yellow fever vaccine.

Bureau of Quarantine
CONTACT NO: 032-3245599
Gen. Maxillom Ave., Ext., Cebu City


Every Wednesday and Thursday
From 8 AM to 5 PM
Group of 10 
Payment: Php 1,500

Here's my personal experience:

1. I arrived at the venue around 7:40 AM and I was already in the second batch. Make sure to list your name in the logbook, and write your name on the bond paper.

Here's a funny story: The earliest person to arrive was at 4:50 AM. Three of the early birds were not able to make it in the first batch because they were not informed to put their name on the bond paper. I repeat: YOU SHOULD LIST YOUR NAME TWICE: one on the logbook and one on the bond paper. My opinion: you don't have to go there super early. No matter how early you are, they are still going to entertain you by 8. Based on my experience, ang daming OFWs na mag ye-yellow vaccine (seaman and people who want to work at cruise ships.)

2. You will be asked to fill up some forms. 

3. A short seminar will be held in the upper part of the building. 

4. You will be then asked to go down to the first floor to pay (Php 1,500) 

The Yellow Vaccine Card

The Yellow Vaccine Card


If you answered on the form that you have a food allergy, they will ask you to get a food allergy test before payment. 
If you have a food allergy test, it will take about 15-30 minutes waiting time before the yellow fever vaccine. 

5. Vaccine+ wait for 15 minutes. 


7:40 AM - Arrived at Bureau of Quarantine
8:18 AM- Seminar
8:25 AM Payment + Vaccine + Yellow Vaccine Card
8:45 AM Done