Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

Note: I didn't go to the wet market last Sunday so that explains why there was no Wet Market Sunday post last week. 

  • Fruits and Veggies:  Php 118

-Banana ( Lakatan): Php 53 ( Php 45 per kilo)
-Sayote: Php 15 ( any size)
-Beans (1/4) Php 35 per kilo
-Cucumber: Php 45 per kilo

- Eggplant: Php 19 ( Bought this at Virginia Farms where I usually get my sawdust. It was on sale ( Php 25 per kilo) so I grabbed it. Veggie stand suki's price: Php 35 per kilo)

  • Kakanin: Php 30 

  • Eggs: Php 15 ( Php 5 each)

  • Rice: Php 99 (Php 33 per kilo) 

  • Ground Pork: Php 50.49 ( Php 153 per kilo)

  • Sawdust: Php 41.04 ( Php 30 per kilo)

  • La Nueva Grocery: Php 412.45
- Rebisco Xtreme Choco Biscuits: Php 44 ( You know, I am on the roll of trying local biscuits nowadays. Trip trip lang)
- Nice Toilet Paper: Php 7.60
- Trash Bag (small): Php 16.25
- Fish Crackers: Php 30 ( Php 7.50 each)
- Dazz Dishwasher Bar: Php 6.30
- Pancit Canton: Php 8.70
- Squash: Php 11.70 ( It was on sale so I bought it here)
- Rebisco Coco Honey: Php 8
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 57.70
- Sando Bags: Php 12.75 ( For SP's poop)
- Yakult: Php 40
- Vaseline Lotion 400 ml : Php 168.75

Excuse Pep's snout :)


Personal: Php  644.64 
Stark and Pepper: Php 140

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beach Tuesday : Pictures and Short Videos

Location: Hadsan Beach Resort, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu
Entrance Fee: Php 50 per person

I decided to go to a beach yesterday so Pep and Stark could once again experience the beach. Most beach resort here in Lapu-Lapu won't accept pets but luckily Hadsan didn't mind at all just as long as I'd follow them around, they said. It was a weekday so I figured there would be less to no people  = great time for my babies to play around!

I ended up not renting a cottage coz guess how much the cottage was? Php 1,800! No way, Jose!

With a towel laid out on the sand plus few biscuits on hand, we enjoyed the water for few hours. Aaaahhhh, life near the beach!

Low Tide
Stark and Pepper in action

With My Babies

Water Dogs

With My Daughter

Look at Stark mad swimming skills: 


Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Ugh, Do I have to endure the beauty of sunset everyday...?

For that, I am lucky!

Even Stark loves the Sunset

Stark and Pepper ( 9 Months) + Not Quite a Sunrise

I am a morning person, I must have mentioned that many times in this blog. I love the chill of the morning air, the quietness, the sound of the rooster... all those things that mornings usually offer.

I always wake up around 5 AM. No alarms, just my body clock. I let Stark and Pepper go out and take them for a morning walk so they can do their thing. They're really good with not peeing and pooing inside the house, and I am really proud of them for that (they are inside dogs so yah.)

After that, we hang out in our rooftop for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Note: Pictures were taken last Monday but I didn't get to blog about it coz the internet was down, plus my Lola arrived from Pagadian so I was crazy busy.

The rooftop isn't done yet, you can tell because it still has metals in the middle, no tiles, etc. I had problems with the original foreman so I kicked him out but that's for another blog post.

Don't worry, Stark and Pepper won't fall ( since I don't have side railings) I am always present whenever they are playing on the rooftop, plus I trust their intelligence gene ( Golden Retrievers are known for their smartness, so yah)

It rained last Sunday night so Stark and Pepper were extra playful because of the puddle. They really are water dogs.

Starky Bear

Yay, puddle!

"Pretend you don't see my mota, please"

Starky Barky

"But Mommy...I really,really want your flip flops!"

Not quiet a Sunrise

A Lone Plane

Stark and Pep in action

Pepper at the edge
This gives me a heart attack whenever she does this.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

  • FRUITS and VEGGIES: Php 133

-Banana (Lakatan):Php 54 (Php 45 per kilo) I switched from buying saging tondan to saging lakatan. I don't know, I kind of like the taste of lakatan better than tondan nowadays, though tondan is cheaper ( Php 25 per kilo)

-Atis: Php 20 ( Php 40 per kilo) I have been buying atis since last week. Though hindi nakakabusog, pero I kind of dig the nostalgic taste of this fruit.

- Eggplant ( Php 35 per kilo)
-Sayote ( Php 15 each)
-Cabbage - got Php 10 worth, forgot how much per kilo
-Sili ( Php 5 per pack)

  • KAKANIN: Php 30
-Cassava suman and that cassava thingyPhp 20 ( 5 for Php 20)
-Choco Lanay + choco packet- Php 10 (Php 5 each)

  • Rice: Php 64 ( Php 32 per kilo)

  • SAWDUST for Stark and Pepper: Php 60 ( Php 30 per kilo)
  • Ground Pork: Php 34 ( Php 175 per kilo)

  • Grocery from La Nueva: Php 376.40
- SQUASH: Php 15.90 ( I bought the squash here because it was only Php 20 per kilo compared to the Php 25 per kilo in the veggie stand where I usually buy my veggies. It was some kind of sale)
-SURF POWDER in Cherry Blossom (1,100g): Php 73.10 ( Woah, I thought this was Php 93!)
-SKYFLAKES Condensada: Php 46.80 ( Just trying this out see if it's good)
-CLEAR Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Php 52.80 ( I still have tons of shampoo at home but no anti-dandruff kind, so I bought these in sachet coz maaaaan, my scalp needs some bad-ass anti-dandruff shampoo. It feels so heavy and itchy. TMI, I know!)
-REBISCO Coco Honey and Coco Ube: Php 17.40 ( Php 8.70 each pack of 10) Bought these for Stark and Pepper's treat, though I do eat these once in a while :)
-FISH CRACKER: Php 30 (Php 7.50) These are for Stark and Pepper as their treat. Other grocery stores, they sell these for Php 9.00 each. 
-KOPIKO CAFE BLANCA: Php 57.70  (Nothing has changed, I still love these:))
-BROWN SUGAR (1/2): Php 19.90

TOTAL: Personal:  PHP 533.40 (Php 33.40 beyond my budget)

Stark and Pepper: Php 164

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wiring and Electrical Stuff: It Pays to Shop Around

OM freakin' G, I am back!

Note: This post is for those who live around Mactan, Cebu. I asked 4 different hardware for the prices of products that are listed below.

4 Hardware, 4 Different Prices:

24 Del Serna St., Gun-on, Lapu-Lapu City (Mactan Public Market)
Tel. No: (032) 340-2061

J.M. Bldg. G.Y. Dela Serna St., Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City ( Mactan Public Market)
Tel. No: (032) 340-8193

National Quezon Highway Babag, Lapu Lapu City

Tel. No: (032) 496-7871; 496-8691

Purok Nangka, Lunoy Gun-ob, Lapu Lapu City
Tel No: (032) 495-5782

Prices in the first row: ALFONSCO
Prices in the second row: NEW LAPU LAPU HARDWARE
Prices in the third row : DAN ENRICO CORP
Prices in the fourth row: KHINALUMZAM ENTERPRISE
                                                            ALFONSOCO   NEWLAPU-LAPU   DAN EN   KHINALU
FLEXIBLE HOSE (1/2)             10         6.50         6        8
CLAMPS (1/2)                   1.60        1.50        1.50     1.50
WIRE #14 THHN (1 BOX)          1,950       1,965       1,785    1,864
WIRE #12 THHN (1 BOX)          2,800       2,895       2,459    2,875
JUNCTION BOX (4X4)              20          24          29       25
UTILITY BOX (2X4)               15          18          24       18
ELECTRICAL TAPE (3M)            40          35          45       45
1 GANG SWITCH (FLUSH)           58          55          64       65
2 GANG SWITCH (FLUSH)           93          90          86       95
PANEL BOARD (4 BRANCHES)        630         600         625       850
CIRCUIT BREAKER (30 AMPH)        -          190          -        -
CIRCUIT BREAKER (60 AMPH)        -          190          -        -

Even if it is only just few pesos difference, it pays to compare prices specially if you are buying in bulk ( I bought 20 pcs of junction box ( Php 20 x 20= 200. If I bought those at New Lapu Lapu Hardware, the 20 pcs of junction box would cost me Php 480. That's Php 280 difference! Besides, they are just few stores away, so no freakin' reason not to check.

Happy Comparing guys! See you at my Wet Market Sunday post tomorrow.