Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beach Tuesday : Pictures and Short Videos

Location: Hadsan Beach Resort, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu
Entrance Fee: Php 50 per person

I decided to go to a beach yesterday so Pep and Stark could once again experience the beach. Most beach resort here in Lapu-Lapu won't accept pets but luckily Hadsan didn't mind at all just as long as I'd follow them around, they said. It was a weekday so I figured there would be less to no people  = great time for my babies to play around!

I ended up not renting a cottage coz guess how much the cottage was? Php 1,800! No way, Jose!

With a towel laid out on the sand plus few biscuits on hand, we enjoyed the water for few hours. Aaaahhhh, life near the beach!

Low Tide
Stark and Pepper in action

With My Babies

Water Dogs

With My Daughter

Look at Stark mad swimming skills: 



  1. Ang cute naman nila Stark and Pep. Mukhang nag enjoy sila sa beach Tuesday nyo.

  2. Those are really cute dogs. :-)


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