Monday, February 27, 2017

My Minimalist House Part 2

A lot of people have been e-mailing me about the continuation of my house (because they saw stairs daw ) so here it is.

Note: M.O emailed me asking questions about house construction,  prices and such. I'll try and answer those questions in my next post. (Hey girl, I hear 'ya! Sorry I have been so busy lately.) 

Note 2: This is not yet the finish product. I still have a lot of things to get rid of, furniture to add, etc. I can't do it at once so it might take some time. After all, it's a process, right?

Let me begin with the view from my rooftop: 

People always gasp at the view.
I consider myself lucky!

First Door: My Room
Next: Hallway that leads downstairs, Farthest is my brother's room
Second Door: My closet
Third Door (open): Second Bathroom (first bathroom is downstairs)

The Hallway
Pretty empty, huh?
Planning to put an altar here

My Bedroom
If I have the choice, I would buy white bed sheets. I will wait until it breaks before buying new one

This is where I work.
I still write my goals and dreams!

The Blackout Curtain
It was customized. Just bought materials and let someone sew it because Blackout curtains are pretty expensive

Left: The Office Supply/ Library
Right: My Bro's room

The room beside my brother's room, which leads to the balcony
I made it into a office supply/library

Books and Office Supply
Have to go through all my books pa
Do you have any idea where to sell second hand books here in Cebu?

My brother's room.
Pretty minimal too!

My Closet
My goal is to fit all my clothes in that cabinet.
Getting there!

My Bathroom

I got rid of so much stuffs.
No more toner for me.
Goal: to finish the sunblock, perfume, lotion and petroleum jelly and switch to natural one


The rooftop
Presenting, The Baby Girl: Pepper
Far right: Starting up a new rooftop garden. Still trial and error stage

The Baby Girl: Pepper Potts

Their Playground

The Sunrise

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Friday Spending

All the things I bought:

SM Marina Mall - Lapu Lapu


Eden Sandwich Spread  470g Php 131.50 ($2.62)
Winner Cooked Ham 1 kg Php 195 ($3.89)
Fresh Egg 1 doz Php 78 ($1.56)
Gardenia Whole Wheat Raisin Bread Php 90 ($1.80)
Giggles Wipes Php 67.75 ($1.35)
Lettuce (2.36 grams) Php 242 per kilo ($4.83/kilo) Php 57.11 ($1.14)


SNR- damage section

SNR- damage section


Amahong  Php 49.95 ($1) (Yes, this is the devil! I wish I haven't seen this!)
Anchor Cheese Php 136.95 ($2.73)
Gardenia Wheat Bread Php 72 ($1.44)
Pedigree Adult  55 lbs. Php 1,749.95 ($34.92)
Biozip Colour 4kg Php 149.95 ($2.99)
Bounty Paper Towels 5 pcs Php 200 ($3.99)


I have been going to SNR for the longest time, but I just found the damage section. I was elated to find the Biozip (original price is Php 349.95 ($6.98), got it for only Php 149.95($2.99) ) and Bounty Paper Towels (12 pieces original price is Php 1,799 ($35), got it for only Php 200 - 5 pcs($4))  I have been making wet wipes at home for Stark and Pepper's paws.

ACE Hardware-SM City, Cebu


Ramgo Eggplant Seeds Php 49.75 ($.99)
Hose Connector Php 37.75 ($.75)
Tap adaptor Php 37.75 ($.75)

SM City -Cebu


Ginamos 250g Php 71 ($1.42) ( I know. This is the death of me.)
Eight O'clock Ice Tea powdered juice Php 56.60 ($1.13)
San Marino Tuna Php 53 ($1.06)
Fresh Egg 1 dozen Php 75 ($1.50)
Zim Liquid Floor Cleaner Php 54.75  ($1.09)(Total fail. I don't like it.)
Lettuce Php 44.70 ($.89)
Gardenia Whole Wheat Bread Php 72 ($1.44)

SNR Cebu-Damage Section

Friday, February 10, 2017

On Pets: Vet Cost, etc. in Philippines

Stark has some kind of weird genetic skin disease and his testicles is swollen, so I went to the vet the other day. I tagged Pepper along since it's  also in time for their shots. 

Stark was shaking so he needed some support from Mommy

The vet recommended these:

Fur Magic ( 1 liter) Php 550 ( $11)
10 Tablets of Antihistamine Php 150 ($3)
Vitality ( 1 Sack) 15 kgs Php 1,850 ($37)

Pepper is very picky when it comes to her food, so I usually have different kinds of food lying around.

Note: Vitality is mostly for Stark because his skin is very sensitive. I just hope that he won't get bored with this.

Pep: Hmmm, which one am I in the mood for ?

Total Vet Cost: Php 4,150   ($83)


Skin scraping Php 150 ($3) per scrape x 2= Php 300 ($6)
Deworming Php 550 each ($11) x 2 = Php 1,100 ($22)
Anthihistamine (10 tabs) Php 150 ($3)
Fur Magic  Php 550 ($11)
1 Sack Vitality Php 1,850 ($37)
Professional Fee Php 200 ($4)

Though it's expensive, I can put up with it since they give me immense happiness, plus I'm not really digging through my savings, so I'm okay with that.

I guess my saving-for-Europe trip plan is kinda ruin this month, but that's okay. It's worth it.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

January 2017: Income and Expenses

Here is my salary for January 16-31: 

Note: I already paid PLDT, which you can see below (Php 1,700)

For my January 1-15 salary, click here

Detailed Income and Expenses Report:

Note: All the exact prices are written in my "Friday Spending".


Note: This is my net income. 

January 1-15=  Php 9,327.60
January 16-31 = Php Php 10,742.40
Side Hustle= Php 2, 500

Everyday Food:

On top of the things I posted here, I also bought 1 sack of rice, which costed Php 1,750 ($35)  but I only paid Php 1,250 since my brother contributed Php 500. I won't be buying rice for the next 4 to 5 months or so.

MECO (Electricity)

MCWD( Water)
Philhealth (January- March)



Lola's Birthday
Mama's monthly padala

Stark and Pepper:

Flea meds
dog food


Rugs (SNR)

Scented Candles
Cleaning Supplies

Personal Hygiene:

Coconut oil


Watched M. Night Shyamalan's SPLIT

As what I told you in my previous Income and Expenses Report, I thought I would be bringing home half of my income, but I bought tons of unnecessary stuffs, plus sent money to my grandmother pa, which I don't really mind, just as long as I don't overspend.

Europe Trip Current Savings: Php 59,000