Friday, February 10, 2017

On Pets: Vet Cost, etc. in Philippines

Stark has some kind of weird genetic skin disease and his testicles is swollen, so I went to the vet the other day. I tagged Pepper along since it's  also in time for their shots. 

Stark was shaking so he needed some support from Mommy

The vet recommended these:

Fur Magic ( 1 liter) Php 550 ( $11)
10 Tablets of Antihistamine Php 150 ($3)
Vitality ( 1 Sack) 15 kgs Php 1,850 ($37)

Pepper is very picky when it comes to her food, so I usually have different kinds of food lying around.

Note: Vitality is mostly for Stark because his skin is very sensitive. I just hope that he won't get bored with this.

Pep: Hmmm, which one am I in the mood for ?

Total Vet Cost: Php 4,150   ($83)


Skin scraping Php 150 ($3) per scrape x 2= Php 300 ($6)
Deworming Php 550 each ($11) x 2 = Php 1,100 ($22)
Anthihistamine (10 tabs) Php 150 ($3)
Fur Magic  Php 550 ($11)
1 Sack Vitality Php 1,850 ($37)
Professional Fee Php 200 ($4)

Though it's expensive, I can put up with it since they give me immense happiness, plus I'm not really digging through my savings, so I'm okay with that.

I guess my saving-for-Europe trip plan is kinda ruin this month, but that's okay. It's worth it.

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