Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Ex is Marrying My Cousin

  • I went to my hometown few days ago to attend my aunt's funeral. 
  • Few hours after I arrived, my other aunt pulled me aside and wanted to "talk" to me.
  • She asked, "M, do you have a boyfriend?". "Why?" I replied. "Well, J is getting married." I said, "Good for him. To who?". "To S."

    Note: J is the ex, S is my cousin.

  • I was shocked! I'm very happy for them but I hope my cousin is making the right  decision.
  • A lot of drama afterwards. I can't believe how awkward it was.
  • You see, this guy made efforts to reach out to me after he heard that I came home for good but since I don't have feelings for him anymore, I just ignored him. 
  • When I saw my cousin, I hugged her tightly, congratulating her. I also saw the guy, I said "I heard the good news. Congratulations." And I shook his hands.
  • A lot of awkward moments after that.  This wedding was  a total shock to us all. They secretly did everything behind our backs. Even my cousin's mom (my aunt) didn't know a thing about it. They didn't have courtship stage. They got engage a month ago and they are getting married this January 28th. Of course, my aunt is opposed to that and I'm sure that it won't push through. Maybe later next year, but not early next year. 
  • Basta, ang daming drama. I can't even believe it. I don't have feelings for the guy anymore but I just hope that my cousin is making the right decision, because all she kept saying is " Maging choosy pa ba ako, my engagement ring na o.". When I left, she hugged me and she said, " M, let me get married. I'm already 35."

    Now, since you all know that I am not planning to get married, do you think that people might think I'm not over this guy that's why I didn't get married? I don't want to get married for the wrong reason. I'm enjoying my life now. Having a house, being independent, doing things just because I have freedom, buying things because I can afford them now, experiencing things that I haven't experienced before. I told my cousins, "Man, I'm glad nothing sexual happened to us. It would surely be more awkward."

    To my cousin, I know that you won't be able to read this, but I'm truly happy for you. I just wish that the reason you want to get married is not because you are getting old, but because you have found "the one", your best friend, a person you can spend your lifetime with.

    Even though I don't have feelings for this guy anymore, why does it feel so awkward? Since he is going to be a part of our family and I'm going to see them together during our family gatherings and all, I think I should better get used to it. My cousins and my family too, they should better get used to it.

    Just saying.