Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Coping with Losing Pepper 2.0

I am still not okay.

Nights are the worst. 

The thing is I can’t sleep.

For the first time since I started teaching online, I worked for 13 hours with only 1 hour of rest for two days but I still couldn’t sleep. 

So I sought for a psychiatrist's advise and  I’m taking antidepressants for now. I want to stop it because it makes me groggy, but it is helping me sleep. 

Though I am in this state, Stark’s routine is still the same: I take him for a walk at 4:45 AM and 9 PM, ALWAYS. It would have been worse for me if Stark isn’t around so I owe it to him to act normal.

A tattoo

It was so weird because of all the songs that were being played at that time, mostly new ones, the moment my tattoo artist inked me, Sweet Child of Mine played. I used to sing that  to her many times. Most of the time, I replaced the lyrics with her name: oooh,oh wo hoo Sweet Pep of Mine... Do you do that with your pet?

Pep Wars
Oh, the weather outside is Pepper but the song is so aPepper
Pepper, do you love me? Are you riding?
Adto ta sa IT Pep? 
Fat bottomed Pep ,you make the rockin' world go 'round

Gosh, I miss her so badly.
I still can’t bring myself to wash my sheets.
I have been watching tons of videos about moving on after pet’s death and the afterlife.
I still can’t bring myself to look at her picture.
I wonder when will I be okay. 

I miss you, baby girl. Death isn’t such a bad thing because I believe that I’m going to see you on the other side. See you at the rainbow bridge, my princess. I’m suffering still but I’ll be okay. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Online Filipino Freelancers BIR Registration Experience (RDO 80) Tips, Tricks and Advise

This has been a grueling process for me but I finally did it. I'm sharing with you my experience. 

Take note: It is important to check which RDO you belong to. I belong to RDO 80. Each RDO has different requirements. I've checked several blogs, but requirements are different talaga. 


3/F FRC Building, Subangdaku, Highway, Mandaue City (This is near Innodata) 

Phone number: Don't bother. They won't answer. 

Area of Jurisdiction:
Comprised of 3 cities: Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City and Danao City with 24 municipalities, namely: Asturias, Balamban, Bantayan, Bogo, Borbon, Carmen, Catmon, Compostela, Consolacion, Cordova, Daanbantayan, Liloan, Madridejos, Medellin, Pilar, Poro, San Francisco, San Remegio, Sta. Fe, Sogod, Tabogon, Tabuelan, Tuburan, and Tudela. The district shall be bounded as follows: on the South, by Subangdaku, Mandaue City. Crossing to the island of Mactan comprising of Lapu-Lapu City and Municipality of Cordova from Mandaue City going north until Daanbantayan, Cebu. From Sogod, southwestward to Balamban, from San Remigio crossing to the island of Bantayan comprising 3 municipalities, namely: Sta. Fe, Bantayan, and Madridejos, from Danao City crossing to the island of Camotes comprising 4 municipalities, namely: San Francisco, Poro, Tudela and Pilar.


1. Professional Tax Receipt OR Occupational Tax Receipt (You can get them at the City Hall Treasurer's Office.) 
2. Photocopy of NSO
3. BIR Form No. 1901 Application for Registration (Can be filed manually, meaning: handwritten)
4. Photocopy of valid ID
5. BIR Seminar Certificate
6. BIR Form 0605 + Php 500 (Won't accept manual filing. Computerized or eFPs talaga) 
7. 2 pcs of Documentary Stamps Php 15 each (You can buy these at the collection area, together with paying your Annual Registration Fee). Note: If you are going to get the Sworn Declaration, buy another two pcs. of documentary stamp. 
8. Book of Accounts (1 Ledger and 1 Journal)  (You can buy these at National bookstore for Php 22 each.)
8. Acknowledgement letter from your company (if you belong to one.) 

Other requirements that I brought, but wasn't asked: 

- current bill with present address 

You will be asked to choose between 3% or 8 % tax

I absentmindedly chose 3% which was  a big mistake. I can't change it na so I have to wait for the next year to be able to change it. 

The difference: 

Accordingly to my shallow knowledge about this. (Corrections are welcomed!) : 

-If your annual income is Php 250,000 or below, you won't be taxed but you should submit kind of a form to BIR for that. (Kindly ask BIR for that kind of form)

- For 8 percent: if your income is Php 260,000 per year:

x .08
800= this is the tax you will pay for the whole year

- for 3 percent: if your income is Php 260,000 per year:

 2,000-= this is the tax you will pay for the whole year

Note: There's ample of information in the seminar. To be honest, I zoned out during the seminar. I should have listened. I found out too late that 8 percent is better for people who don't earn way beyond Php 250,000. Oh well, charge to experience. 


When to go?

- The BIR Tax Seminar for RDO 80 is every Wednesday at 1 PM to 2 PM.It could extend until 2:30 PM to 3 PM. I suggest you go there on Wednesday para isahan nalang. What I did was I attended the seminar while waiting for my number to be called. I arrived there at 9:38 AM and I my number was called at 4 PM. Imagine that!

Other suggestion: Since the Certificate of Registration (COR) will come out 3 business days after you register, I suggest you apply on other days and come back on Wednesday to attend the seminar and after the seminar, you will be able to get the COR. 

In my case: I went there on February 6, I attended the seminar on the same day and I got my COR a week after. I went there 5 minutes before 5 PM. They entertained me naman. Thank goodness!

Other tips: 

1. Photocopy everything beforehand (PTR or OTR, NSO, ID) Mahal ang photocopy doon, Php 2.50 each. 
2. Bring long bondpaper (Php 1.00 each if you buy outside) You will be asked to use the  Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS), which is located inside the BIR building. It's free but you have bring lond bondpaper. For less hassle, do the eFPS Form 0605 at home.  I printed the Form 0605 and I filled it out, but they didn't accept that. Dapat eFPS talaga for Form 0605. 
3. While waiting for your number to be called, you can pay for the Annual Registration fee (The Form 0605, Php 500 + 2 Documentary Stamps). Make sure that your TIN number is correct. If hindi, you will be penalized for that. (Penalty is Php 1,000) 
4. Photocopy the Annual Registration Fee receipt and the Form 0605 after paying. Submit one copy each to the Collection Center. 
5. Bring entertainment coz waiting is a pain in the ass.I personally downloaded "Kingdom" from Netflix and I was able to finish the whole season while waiting. Imagine that!

Getting the Sworn Declaration: 

I was asked to get this by our company. I asked for the form and I headed over to Attorney Arendain's office for notarization.  His office is located within the vicinity. You just have to ask. Cost of notarization is Php 200. Two documentary stamps are needed for this. You can buy these stamps at the collection area. 


1. Get a priority number which is located outside BIR. There's a small window. You won't miss it. There's a long line for that. Ask the guard for guidance. 
2. Wait for your number to be called (Windows 1, 2 and 3) 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Coping with Losing Pepper

This has been the most traumatic period of my life, considering that I have been through a lot.

The first of everything without her is the hardest.

The first morning.
The first breakfast, lunch and dinner of Stark.
The first walk with Stark.
The first night.
The first....
I would just burst into tears unexpectedly. 

This sucks. 

With some introspection, I came to realize why this hit me so bad. It’s because Pepper was with me every waking and sleeping period of my life for the last 4+ years. I could take a shower with my door open and she could see me without any judgement. I could change with her in the room or walk around the house naked and she could see my scars, my stretch marks, my bad days, my good days... everything, without any ounce of judgement. She loved me unconditionally and I love her back. I always say that she owns the house. I’m just the servant and I’m just the person who pays the bills.

Guilt, I figured, is the most difficult to get over with. I want to feel the pain because this is kind of a punishment for myself. I don’t know if I ever get pass this.

Anger at the Higher Being

Why would You take Pep away from me? I have been good with stray animals in my neighborhood. I am spending hundreds of pesos every month to buy sardines and rice to feed them. Why would You take away my Princess? Please help me understand. 

Going Out

My friend forced me to go out with Stark and so I agreed. It did me good. I ate a decent meal in days. Stark was able to go out and he seemed very happy. I smiled for the first time in days. 

At BTC- Banilad

Jafar's Shawarma

At Starbucks IT Park 

Ordering Drinks with "Pepper" 

But when I came home, the deafening silence is killing me. I feel like I shouldn’t feel good because I’m betraying Pepper.

Right now, I still couldn't bear to look at her picture or even change my sheets because she laid on it, to sweep the floor because her fur is still everywhere. 

There was a Candle Lighting Ceremony at and this brought me so much healing. 

She used to chew on this and I was surprised that it survived. Now, I'm calling it "Pepper Palmera"

This song is for My Baby Girl: 

I miss you, Baby Girl. You don't know how much I am suffering without you. Please take care of Starky. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Losing Pepper

The pain is so paralyzing. I can't sleep. I haven't eaten in almost 30 hours. I'm just crying and crying.

The guilt-feeling is what's eating me.I could have done more. 

But Stark needs me now. I must remain strong for him. People say I shouldn't change Stark's routine and I have been doing that. 

My eyes are swollen, but I decided to still I attend my classes. Many of my students are dog lovers and it's nice to connect with them. One of the things I appreciate is they don't ask me the details of what happened. Words like "I understand how you're feeling" and "Take care" are what they always tell me. Those words are enough for me. 

Pepper Potts a so-so much, 

See you at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes, Baby Girl. Please say hi to Ganni Bear for me. I miss both of you so much. You are always going to be my Princess and losing you is soooo hard for me. Please visit me in my dreams. I need you and I miss you.