Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Frugality = Financial Independence

A realization hit me, no matter how many hours you work per day, if you don't watch where your money is going or if you don't practice frugality, you won't climb the finance independence stage quickly.

The first few years when I started working abroad, my schedule was packed. I was working around the clock. I only went home to change and rest for an hour or two then go back to work again. My life pretty much revolved around work. Energy drinks were my best friends at that time! Even though I seemed like I was working 24/7, I don't remember where my salary went! I don't remember saving it and I have nothing to show for all that 24/7 hard work! It's only when I started introducing frugality in my life that I saved up for my first million pesos! Frugality really works!

Never would I sacrifice my health and wellness to earn. Back then, I don't have the time to smell the flowers and money was elusive as ever even though I was working like crazy. Now that I have been taking it easy and enjoying my time off from work immensely, I am blessed to see my bank account growing without having to work hard like before.

Base on my experience, I can boldly say that frugality is the key to financial independence.

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  1. Robert Kiyosaki said, "it's not what you earn, but what you keep." But of course, he also said, saving is not the answer ;-) Hopefully, you've found your way to financial and time independence, and ultimately your way to Pinas for good. ;-) Financial Education is a highway. And you're on it. Hopefully, you'd find the good vehicle to carry you faster towards your dream destination.

    1. Savers are losers as what they say. I am actually investing on stocks and learning how to invest on real state. I have a small parcel of land in Cebu and I'm planning to build a house there so I would rent it out coz a newly built SM mall just opened.

  2. One day, I had an idea.( I was thinking what type of people should I work with. It should be people who read and love to learn. Did I visualize? Most likely. But I do recognize. You read Finance. It's bull's eye. I was on a bookstore then, reading Richard Branson's Screw Business As Usual) It might be you. (By virtue of LOA.)

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