Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Throwaway Thursday

My third Throwaway Thursday. I can't believe I have a lot of unnecessary stuffs I have been holding on coz I might "need them someday" or "I'll fix it when I have time".  Instead of hoarding and waiting for that "someday" to come, I now believed that by the time I need it, I have the ability and the resources to secure that stuff.

Time to let them go.

Less stuff, less stress.

2 pants
2 hand sanitizers
Off Spray

American Eagle Ugg Inspired Boots
I have a real Ugg boots already. A Christmas gift from my employer. No need to keep this.

2 huge Sterilite Containers

Another huge Sterilite Container

HP Ink and Dried out Make-up remover wipes

And some other knickknacks 


  1. Hi,
    I am just curious about your throwaway stuffs :) Where will this stuff go by the way? I mean, sa basaruhan ba or you will give it to somewhere that anyone can still use it?

    1. Hey Angelie, thanks for dropping by.

      I actually donate it to a thrift store of give it away to my neighbors who needs it.;)

  2. Hi,
    That was nice of you to donate it to a thrift store :)God will bless you more :)


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