Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Complicate Stuffs?

My good friend, who I have been convincing to invest for the longest time, has been interested about stock market lately.  I am no expert when it comes to the nitty-gritty and the maze of the stock market world, but I do have a basic knowledge about it. Ask me when to get out and I'll give you a blank stare, but asked me when to get in and you'd see my eyes light up.

Calories In, Calories Out

A friend of mine has a complicated diet. He is known to be a fitness junkie and would exercise daily. He would tell us that he has a food weighing scale. He would weigh an apple and that scale would say how much calorie is in that certain apple. He would then jot it down before enjoying the apple. He would do that process on each and every food. His wife gave birth recently and we would joke that he should add one more so he can exercise with the two babies, one on each arms like dumbbells.

I am not a fitness junkie , but I did lost 20 lbs. by minding what I eat mixed with cardio and 15 mins exercise daily. I don't use food weighing scale, but I am mindful on what I put in my mouth, well.. not every single time, but still... :)

Why complicate exercise routine? It's all about calories in, calories out. 

Buy Low, Sell High

There was a time when I desire to be an expert on technical analysis. So I bought a book, read and study about it. From candlestick method to bars and graphs and whatnot. I love leaning about it, but the information that I gained make it hard for me to make a move-- I got paralyzed. Call it analysis paralysis.  Too much information got me over-analyzing/over-thinking , it go me conscious of my strategy. Am I doing the right thing? Wait, is that a breakaway gap? Should I call it quits? Is it a right time to get in? Market reversal? Bull? Bear? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..... All these information are haunting me, and then, I wouldn't make a single move, not even a sigh or a wink, coz I am afraid that I will make a mistake, a huge one.

Now, I don't give a honk about complicated technical analysis anymore. Yes, I'd still look at the chart and would listen to what's going on but I don't obsess about it. After I did my Fundamental Analysis on that certain stock, I'd invest, I'd wait, and I'd sell when it appreciate to a certain percentage that satisfies me.

Buy low, sell high. Why complicate investing strategy?  


  1. True that! Why complicate things indeed :)

  2. Yes, it's easier to buy a cattle, butcher it, and then sell the meat for a certain gain.

    And it's cumbersome to buy a cattle, milk it, and sell the milk. You gain some, save it, to buy another cattle to milk. Then you get more milk to sell, more gain,more savings to buy more cattle. More cattle means more milk to sell. More milk means more gain, more savings, and to buy more cattle and bigger milk container. The cycle goes on. ;-) It's the Dairy Farm after all. The un-complicated one you mentioned is the Slaughter House Farm. By the way which farm do you want to own? ;-) Let me know your preference, I might invite you to my farm if we have the same taste of farming.

  3. Wish I had a friend like u here in the philippines, I wanted to start investing in a stock market, but I don't know where to start & what to do :(

    1. I wish my friend feels the same way,too. Haha.

      You want to start investing but don't know where to start? I think you are starting now. By reading my blog and other filipino finance blogs, you are off to a good start.

      Read the post here in my blog "How did I become a Stock Market Investor" and you would know how I started with not knowing a single thing about investing to taking the plunge.


  4. ......been reading ur blogs lately, very inspiring :)

    1. I hope you would find it helpful and keep dropping by:)

  5. Very true. Keeping it simple works just as well, with less worries.


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