Monday, June 8, 2015

Electricity and Water Bill: April to May '15


Period from: April 30, 2015
Period to: May 30, 2015

Total Amount Due: Php 258.68

Since I paid through a collecting center (Prime Asia Pawnshop), they charged me a convenience fee of Php 3.00 so I paid        Php 261.68:

Our water bill doesn't go above Php 500 every month. If you notice the graph in the picture that showed our monthly consumption pattern, you would have seen that March and April were kind of high (March- I paid Php 407; April- I paid Php 396)because those were the months that cement were poured yada yada and all that construction stuffs.


Period from: April 21, 2015
Period to: May 22, 2015

Total Amount Due: Php 1,474.05

I am expecting much more lower electric and water bill for next month since my mother brought the TV to Albay and it's only me and my brother here. Though the fan rarely stops all through out the day because it's so darn hot here and I don't want Stark and Pepper to get heatstroke that's why I have been turning on the fan constantly mainly for them.

Is this too TMI or what? Well... whatever. ha! Hope this gives you an idea on how much does it cost to live in the Philippines.


  1. Nope not TMI at all Maria, very useful lalo na sa mga kagaya ko na nag-a-aspire maging financially independent sa Pinas.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Ang baba naman ng kuryente nio?! Hindi kayo nag Aircon? dito sa amin, hindi pwede... parang lahat ng init sinasalo namin kasi walang air circulation na nangyayari :/

    1. wala kaming AC tapos ngayong, diba lumalamig dahil sa ulan? for sure baba ang electricity bill ninyu niyan?

    2. Mahangin siguro sainyo. Yung bahay namin is apartment-type kaya isa lang ang entryway ng hangin... naiiwan ang hot air sa bahay :(

      ngayong araw lang umulan ng bonggang bongga. I think dyan sainyo ang madalas dahil sa ICTZ.


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