Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

Remember I was craving for "puto-sikwate" in my previous post, well... I'm enjoying it right now while I'm trying to post what I bought today!:)

  • Got some kakanin too: Php 5 for Php 20 (ate the the other one already while waiting for La Nueva to open)

  • Eggs: 3 pcs for Php 10= Php 40 a dozen

  • Broken rice of Ganador: 3 kilos = Php 96 (I know, I should consider buying rice in bulk, but we don't eat rice that much and I'm afraid it'll go bad if I'll buy a sack of it.)

  • Corn grits for Stark and Pepper (I mixed dog food, corn grits, veggies and sawdust/meat/pork bones for their meal): Php 31 per kilo. Got 2 kilos for Php 62

  • Star Bread: 5 for Php 20

  • Banana: Php 40 per kilo; Paid Php 37

  • Mangoes: Php 40 per kilo

  • Veggies: Php 79

  • Fish: Php 120 per kilo. Got only Php 50 worth

  • Ground Pork: Php 173 per kilo, got Php 42.56

  • Pork Bones for Stark and Pepper: Php 87 per kilo; got Php 42.28 worth

  • Menudo Cut: Php 192 per kilo; got Php 57.60 worth

  • Cooking oil: Php 23
  • Sardines: Php 25.40 (Php 12.70 each)
  • Winner Beef Loaf: Php 13
  • Century Tuna Flakes: Php 33.10
  • Brown Sugar 1/2 kilo: Php 19.90
  • Tang Litro Pack ( for workers):I just realized that different flavors equals different prices. hmmmmm.
 - Mangga Flavor (Php 8.55 each) 3 pcs Php 25.65
   -   Watermelon Flavor (Php 8.95 each) 3 pcs Php 26.85

  • Kopiko Cafe Blanca (This is just a form of treat for myself. I happened to taste this coffee for free because it was attached to a product I bought months ago and I fell in love. It was too sweet for me though so I usually add more water than the recommended water they put on the label. Yep, brief history right there!) Php 57.70
  • Blend 45 coffee 100g: Php 65.35
  • Sando bag (for Stark and Pepper's poo whenever I walk them out coz yah, I am a responsible pet owner you guys! Ha!): Php 12.75
  • Ice water bag (coz I make my own ice for the workers): Php 11.10
  • Ram Green Peas: Php 8.25
  • Lady's Choice Sandwich Spread: 55.75

Total: Php 934.24

It's not beyond my Php 1,000 per week budget, but next week I'm expecting much lower grocery bill since I already bought few weeks supply of meat and that fish that I bought, well.. it'll last us 2 weeks or so. Remember, my brother doesn't really eat at home that much coz he is busy with work and I regularly have fruit shakes for a meal. I only pig out whenever my brother is around coz man, nakakatamad mag prepare ng meal if you are just alone, diba?

Ciao for now.


  1. Do you still run? If so do you do it with Stark and Pepper?

    Hindi ko pa na try puto sikwate, but it looked good on a Sunday breakfast lalo na sa kape.

    1. I do still run but hindi with Stark and Pepper kasi they get distracted easily, pa smell dito, pee there, poo there so yah..

      puto sikwate is basically sticky rice paired with tsokolate from a tablea, if you are familiar with that. pwede din pair yang puto with sugar alone (brown) or manga but yah, coffee would be a good pair too.

  2. thank you for sharing your weekly keeps me updated of the current price in pinas.

    1. Hey Maria,

      Well Im glad you find it helpful. I thought nobody cares kung ano ang pinagbibili ko. LOL

  3. I miss going to the wet market. Wala kasing malapit dito sa area namin. I think the nearest is Farmers Market. One time, I bought three kilos of fish sa Farmers. I wanted them sana to last for two weeks. Pero mabilis mabilasa ang isda. Yun, ang dami kong nasayang. tsk tsk.

    1. Talagang I look forward every sunday sa wet market adventure ko! I kinda love it!

      Hindi mo ba nilalagay sa freezer ang fish? sa aking, freezer talaga tapos separate lang sila sa plastic bag good for one meal lang para I dont have to defrost everything para iwas sira.

    2. Nasa freezer din. Pero hindi talaga siya tumatagal ng 2 weeks. Umaamoy na siya. Mas maigi siguro kung gawin muna siyang paksiw then ilagay sa fridge. I haven't tried it though.

  4. Wow sarap ate haha I love love your grocery "hauls" hehe :) God Bless po ate :)

  5. I feel you Miss Maria. Now that I am alone dito sa Metro. nakakatamad nga magprep ng food for myself alone so what I do is one time cooking in a day, breakfast at baon ko na yun. Ang dinner ko na lang is oatmeal or fruits or bread. :)

  6. Mahilig din ako sa kakanin at suman, natakam naman ako sa mga kakanin mo. Ang sarap naman mamili ng eggs dyan, ang mura! Dito sa Manila 5-6 per piece na nga, ang liliit pa. :(


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