Monday, June 29, 2015

Being Debt-Free and Lovin' it: Things I Prepared Before Deciding to Come Home For Good

Reading my old posts while I was still abroad and itching to come home for good, I thought of the times I wrote that certain post on how nervous I was and how I kept reassuring myself that everything will turn out okay. Looking back, it was crazy! It's like, "Man, why did you feel that way before? Now that you're here, it's not too bad,right?!"

Here are the things I did before going home for good:


One thing I prioritized before coming home for good was to be debt-free. It feels really good to not have any debts hanging over your head. It's like you can choose to be working or not and the enormous kilig feeling you feel that your hands aren't bound to any lending entity out there is priceless. It's the freedom I feel knowing that I don't have to pay  mortgages every month, that I can choose to stay home and take it easy for a little bit till boredom push me to find work. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to be owning your own life and money and not being able to slave your life to work. No more singing: "I owe, I owe... so off to work I go!" 


Before going home, I want to have my housing secured so that no matter what happens, I have a house to call my own. Nobody would kick me out or no bank will threaten to foreclose my property coz it is already mine. Shelter is one of the basic needs and I must have one before packing my bag and head home. I got it and I'm thankful.


I was lucky enough that I didn't really grow up with a materialistic mindset. Yes, there was a phase in my life that I became materialistic because "I didn't have this growing up so I must have it now" but I am glad I was way over that phase. I appreciate the life that I am living now together with my two dogs and my younger brother. It's like I can choose to work or continue to live simply and for now, I am leaning towards "living simply."


I squirrel away two years worth of expenses before deciding to come home for good and since my life changed recently (see post here) and my expenses got down by few thousands, I realized I have enough emergency fund for at least 3 years or so.

No place like home indeed


  1. I agree with securing a home / shelter kasi the rent will really take a big chunk of your money kaya sinabi ko din sa husband ko na yun ang top priority namin. Apart from that, it is an investment in itself kaya walang lugi.

    I enjoy reading your posts because we both have decided to go home for good. I am enjoying the freedom (sometimes) pero minsan hinahanap ko pa din ung trabaho.

    I want to ask what's keeping you busy these days? Aside from your dogs (which does take up my time for the day talaga).

    1. Yah, even pag-ibig mortgage payment, it'll be hard for me IF I am paying for it. I asked my neighbors how much their Pag-ibig payment is, sabi nila 5k daw for 30 years. I can't even imagine paying mortgage for that long on top pa sa daily expenses ko. Im glad Im all clear with mortgage, upkeep nalang sa bahay ang iintindihin ko.

      Ay, ako din. Sometimes, Im bored out of my wits kasi diba sa abroad, talagang rat race talaga and here, tambay lang pero on the bright side at least my choice tayo to go to work or not.

      What's keeping me busy these days? House construction, two golden retrievers, researching some business ideas ( food franchise, etc.) studying the stocks.

      Ikaw? I hope you get well soon. Wala pa akong officially sick days since I arrived. Im luck I guess :)

    2. Kami din market / business research ang ginagawa namin (ewan ko nga kung may naniniwala sa amin). Hirap din kasi dahil ang daming kelangan i-consider pagdating sa business (rent, tao, foot traffic, market, etc) na minsan iisipin mo kung kaya ba ng budget mo. Hopefully, we will take the plunge sooner rather than later.

      Thanks.. ito mejo bumubuti na ang pakiramdam ko (thanks for the concern). Naku! Now, I am stocking up on Vit C and fruits din.

  2. Good to know that you really saved up to come home! I wish my mom will stay na here in the phil for good din.


    1. Hey, yah.. mahirap talaga ang buhay abroad but yah, sana maka uwi na Mama mo. Meron din naman mga pinoys na gusto sa abroad na mag for good din. Baka yan din ang plans ng mama mo?

  3. i feel so happy for you ate, i badly want that, therefore i must strive even more harder :( i wish one day, i could achieve that also :(

    1. Alyssa, ang bata bata mo pa. You are going to get there eventually. Basta save lang nag save and invest lang ng invest.

  4. This is a good list to consider..

    I made up my mind too. I am going home for good on May 2019.

    So, I have all this list on what I need to accomplish before heading home. It is quite tough. ;-)

    Hopefully everything will turn out good.


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