Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

I've been really busy last week so posting my last week's Wet Market Sunday thing slipped off my mind. 

Last week total grocery bill was Php 455. I still have a bunch of fruits from last week so I didn't buy more for this week. I also still have fish and meat.

My brother hasn't been eating at home lately so my grocery bill went down by few hundred pesos. I have been regularly eating oatmeal, fruit shakes, scrambled eggs with veggies in it- something quick and easy coz I'm lazy whenever my brother isn't around.

What I bought:

  • Veggies: Php 70
It seems like it is not a lot of veggies for Php 70, right? But to tell you honestly, this is more than enough. The sayote is super heavy and the carrots as well. I even have leftover veggies from last week. I don't think I'll pay Php 70 if I buy these in the supermarket.

  • Sawdust for Stark and Pepper: Php 20 for a kilo

  • Eggs: Php 24 for half a dozen ( Php 4 each)
I still have 7 pieces of eggs left from last week so I only bought 6 this time.

  • Broken rice of Ganador: Php 66 for 2 kilos ( Php 33 per kilo)
  • Corn grits for Stark and Pepper: Php 60 for 2 kilos  (Php 30 per kilo)

Random Snacks:

  • Cupp Keyk Flavor Combo: Php 56.60 ( A treat- whenever I need some sugar in my system.)
  • Baker's Best Bread: Php 22.65 (For workers- I still have 3 loaves left from last week. I usually freeze them so they wont go bad and defrost them a day before I use it.)

  • Kopiko Kopiccino: Php 60.90 ( 10 pcs)
  • Cooking oil: Php 22.50
  • Unique toothpaste: Php 50
  • Fresca Tuna: Php 21.80
  • Pancit Canton: Php 8.70


Veggies: 70.00
Sawdust: 20.00
Eggs: 24.00
Rice and Corn grits: 126.00
La Nueva grocery shopping: 242.75
Random snacks while in the wet market (spicy peanut and tempura) 15.00

TOTAL: PHP 497.75


  1. Hi ate its me alyssa, I have a new blog that's why my names kinda different anyho hehe may I ask lang po if u r still using the daily log of the expenses now that u got home ba? Love ur posts as always, always wondered what is life living in Cebu or outside metro manila because all my life : I've only stayed here long heehe)

    1. Alyssa, Im not using that anymore. I'll post what budgeting style I'm using very soon. :)

      I wondered what is like to be living sa Metro Manila as well. Been there lang for embassy stuffs and all and the traffic there is super terrible! Cebu is getting to be crowded as well that's why I rarely go to the city kasi masakit sa ulo ang traffic. Sa mactan area lang talaga ako mostly.

  2. Hello PinasforGood! This is Ching... You're so super tipid. Pila ka kan-anan ang Fresca Tuna? hehe

    1. Ching, wala pa gali na nako nakaon. LOL. In case ra na na tapulan mag luto at least naa ko ablihan. hehe. Daghan pa ko isda ug meat sa freezer so mao ra na ako sud-an for the whole week. Thank goodness for oatmeal as well kay pamugong sa gutom. hehe

  3. I love your posts sis, very practical & realistic talaga. Dream goal ko kasi ang simple & peaceful living :)

    1. Hey Grace, simple living naman talaga tayo.. peaceful lang ang mahirap hanapin. hehe

    2. Yang peaceful living na yan ang lagi kong pinagdadasal, laking pasalamat ko nung natigil sa bisyo ang father ko, ang hirap ng everyday paranoid ka na baka may bagong trouble kang dadatnan sa lugar nyo & kasama pala tatay ko, grabe. Nabunutan nako ng tinik kaso mukhang sumusunod sa yapak yung youngest brother ko kaya kelangan matututukan, dasal lang ako lagi.


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