Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wet Market Sunday

Reader's Question Answered:

Question: Is that weekly supply of food and grocery? Hindi ka ba bumibili sa sari-sari store, say if you run out of oil or something like that?

Answer: I've just realized that I never bought anything from the sari-sari store since the day I arrived. It's not because I don't support small stores, is just that I am used to an American style of buying in bulk. Plus I do weekly meal planning and list everything I need, rummage through my pantry to see if I still have that certain ingredient before going to the grocery store/ wet market for our week supply of food and everything else. This is how I usually do things since my OFW days, it got carried over in my present life.

What I bought:

  • Eggs: 12 pcs for Php 40 (3 pcs for Php 10) 

Got 3 pcs leftover from the previous week

  • Veggies:  Php 69

  • Kakanin: 5 pcs for Php 20 

My week isn't complete without buying some of these

  • Pork Bones for Stark and Pepper Php 43 

A two-meal treat for My Loves

  •  Bread for the workers: Php 66.75 (Php 22.25 each)

  • Yan-Yan Peanut Butter  255 g Php 58.65
  • Ram Instant Oats 1.1 KG Php 94 (Yay, made in the Philippines!)
  • UFC Hot and Spicy Banana Ketchup Php 22.40 320 g ( My boss once laughed super hard when I told her that we make ketchup out of bananas.)
  • Cafe Blanca Php 57.70
  • Eight O'Clock Litro Pack for the Workers Php 33.40 (Php 8.35 each)

  • Dazz Dishwashing Bar: Php 6.30
  • Surf Bar : Php 17.70
  • Chlorine 1/4 kg Php 21


Ciao for now

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  1. Me too if rather much prefer planning to buy food rather than buying often coz u might spend more than what u need like others


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