Sunday, May 31, 2015

Made in the Philippines: Why I Only Buy and Use Pinoy-Made Stuffs

Filipinos love imported stuffs: kahit na Made in China basta galing sa USA, okay na okay! But as I grow older, lived and worked in a different country surrounded with different cultures, I came to realize that I love being a Filipino. I love and appreciate our culture. Sure, Philippines isn't perfect- far from it I'm telling you- but this is home to me and this is where I belong.

Since Philippines isn't perfect and heck, I don't have the power to make it perfect,I made a personal decision to help. Sure, this thing that I'm doing isn't too big or too profound but I'm surely helping our economy a little bit at a time, as what they said, "Constant dripping of water wears away the stone."

What is it that I'm doing? I buy Made in the Philippines stuffs. I buy local. I support Pinoy-made stuffs.Simple, isn't it?

From toothpaste that I'm using (hello there, Unique), body lotion (hello there, Human Nature) to where I shop for clothes (I only bought two basic t-shirts since I came back) are all made in the Philippines. What I buy, use, eat should be local, made exclusively by Pinoys and should be from the Philippines.

Why am I doing this? This is a way to help our economy, thus showing my love to our country. As we buy local stuffs, we help create jobs and when we create jobs, the salary of the workers go straight to our economy by means of spending and when we spend, and hopefully buy local, we create more and more jobs. No need to go abroad, right?

As I stopped buying imported stuffs and go local, I realized how hard this decision is (gosh, I still miss Nutella!) But on a bigger picture, I'm happy that I made the conscious decision to support and go local.

Do you plan on going local?


  1. Nakupo! Hindi ko ata kaya yun lalo pa at I love baking. Pero tumatangkilik kami ng gawang Pinoy. :)

    1. I guess, when I think about it, mahirap nga. I just realized I'm not a full-fledge tatak pinoy supporter coz the movies of my choice are all made from the west. Bummer!

  2. Yes, Miss Maria. I buy local too from sanitary pads (sisters), oil (human nature), and some canned goods. :) If we have imported items at home, mostly pasalubong or padala.

  3. That is so nice of you! Sana lahat ng Pilipino ay magkaroon ng ganyang mentality. While I still spend on imported items every now and then, I make sure to support local products and services, too. Tama ang reasoning mo, by supporting the local economy, we could create more jobs for our people and help our country to progress in the process. :)

  4. Honestly, I haven't thought about this really but I agree with you and it makes sense. :-)

    I guess I need to be mindful when buying stuff next time.

    Many thanks for raising this matter. :-)

  5. Another way to help our kababayan is by lending them a capital for a business through Kiva. Once the loan is paid, you can lend a borrower again, another kababayan or other entrepreneurs in other countries.


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