Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LOGOS HOPE: A Floating Bookstore ( Temporarily in Cebu)

My friend dragged me here last night and it was awesome! 

Apparently this ship goes around the world to sell books. All the people who work here are all volunteers (there are Mexicans, French, etc.. you can see where they came from through their IDs.)

The ship arrived here in Cebu last May 5th and they'll leave this May 29th. Subic is their next destination.

They usually closes for rest day on Monday and opens until 9PM.

Location: Near Terminal 1 at the back of Plaza Independencia/ MalacaƱang (going to SRP.) Parking area is at the right side.

Entrance Fee: Php 20

The Ship

The Actual Bookstore

I bought Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth for 200 units (Php 200):

Books are priced by units: 100 units = Php 100; 200 units= Php 200 and so on..

Go check it out. It's kind of an awesome experience!

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  1. I've been on that boat too! My dad brought me there years ago when it was docked in North Harbor, Manila. It was cool nga and I daydreamed about joining a floating library and traveling the world.

    You know what, that's something you should do.


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