Monday, May 25, 2015

Wet Market Sunday: Food of the Week

Yep, it's not Sunday. Well, my laptop is kind of broken that's why it took me a while to post this ( I keep getting error whenever I open Blogger. Did Restore Factory Setting but the problem is still there.)  So I decided to blog using my Ipod. Nope, can't use my favorite font style. Well, it is what it is!


Eggs:  Php 4  each ( Php 48)

• Dried Fish: 1/4 kilo = Php 10

• Fruits:

Banana: 1 kilo= Php 35
Mangoes: 1 kilo= Php 50

• Veggies: Php 95

• Baker's Bread American Bread: Php 22.25 each (4 pcs.) Php 89
•Powdered Juice Litro Pack: Php 8.95 each ( 5 pcs.) Php 44.75

• Australian Carne Norte: Php 18.65 each ( 5 pcs) Php 93.25
• Winner Beef Loaf: Php 13 ( 2 pcs) Php 26
• Plastic Bag ( for dog poop) : Php 12.75
• Plastic bag for Ice Water ( for panday) 3x10x20 size: Php 11.10
• Brown Sugar: 1/2 kilo Php 19.90
• Blend 45 Coffee 100g Php 65.35
• Lucky Me Pancit Canton Php 8.70 each (4 pcs) Php 34.80
• Homi Pancit Canton Php 7.70 each ( 2 pcs) Php 15.40

• Broken Rice of Ganador: Php 32 per kilo ( 3 kilos) Php 96

TOTAL: Php 746.30

A week supply of food for me and my brother, snacks for pandays and veggies for Stark and Pepper



  1. hi maria...just curious,,you don't eat veggies? coz you said the veggies are for the dogs hehe..veggies are cheaper than delata :) and it is more nutritious :) don't eat too much delata sis coz i'ts not good for you..concerned lang hehe btw I'm a vegetarian, if you need tips how to cook meatless ulam I can email you simple recipes hehe :) --Kath

    1. Hey Kath,

      Hindi naman lahat veggies para sa dog. Sa akin din yan. Yung mga delata, mostly sa brother ko, pang baon nia and hindi kasi sya kumakain masyado ng veggies. I mostly have fruit shakes for a meal. Mangga+banana lang or mangga alone or banana alone, shini-shake ko. Banana and mangga are cheap ngayon so I regularly get them.

      Vegetarian ka pala. Congratulations! In a country where people eat and loves meat( ahem, lechon), being a vegetarian is no laughing matter.

    2. Hi Kath will you please email me your recipes if you would, I'm trying hard to be vegetarian , as I would want to be rich not only by bills but also in health , :)

  2. Do you eat out more often? I know one of your guilty pleasures when you were here was sundae sa mcdo and chick-fil-a.

    Those were awesome groceries, I used to take them for granted when I was younger but now those are the kind of foods I long for... much inggit. Mango here is one dollar a piece and not as good as our mango.

    Sorry to here about your pc, must be hard blogging on ipad.


    1. No I don't eat out as much as I'd like to kasi mahal masyado. The usual McDonald's meal here is around Php 300-400 per person, ang dami mo kayang mabibili na fruits and veggies sa merkado niyan! Few days supply pa!

      My guilty pleasures nowadays are pancit canton and dried fish. I usually eat one pancit canton and one dried fish with suka and sili and rice mga once a week. Feast na yun sa akin! Yah, food here are really cheap if you are willing to go the wet market route.

      Sana IPad ako nag bo-blog, bad thing is Ipod touch.. ang liit kaya.. LOL. Pero kaya lang.


  3. I hope youll eat healthier :( Ive read before that you did noodle diet, for me it was so wrong . You might be saving a lot FOR NOW but n the long run youll get sick. Also please stop eating 'delata' mraming preservatives yan! If ur brother doesnt eat veggies, search for other alternatives then. Take it as a challenge he cant eat delata forever.

    BTW, Good thing your dogs eat veggies, Ung sakin snob na snob! :(

  4. Hi ate I've read your previous posts, I pray that every broken things would men's in your family, I do novenas on Wednesdays at Baclaran Church, and lit candles and will include you in my prayers also for your safety.

    Your post about logos hope is so cool :) wished it would dock here in Manila bay hahaha! :)
    You have not been mistaken on PLDT my former highschool classmate's dad is the manager of PLDT. And everyone in our neighborhood uses PLDT hehe...

    Oh yeah about my job! It is my first job my training just ended days ago I was freaked out about it, hehe I'm a perfectionist and I get stressed easily if I miss out something work wise hehe :)

    By the way vacation and also I guess work na run I'm going to Dubai on June I will be there for a month, time to test my budgeting skills there that I learned :) and also next July I would be in Qatar one month again and then I'm going to London by September or October :)

    I will not waste the opportunity like you did, I'm glad I'm learned all this financial geekiness and money's worth early as in early before starting my first job,

    I will not disappoint you ate :)

    1. ****every broken things will be mend (damn autocorrect haha) sorry about that haha

  5. I always love your food grocery posts haha I really enjoyed them! Hahaha but damn those delatas sure are also cheap I hope they taste good I didn't find them here in Manila oh well, hehe until next time po hehe thank you ate for being my inspiration :) haha

    1. Hey Alyssa,

      Wow, Dubai?! That sounds really cool! I hope everything goes well.

      Sounds like you are going the "independent" route. I am proud of you.

      Thanks for considering me sa prayers mo. That is so sweet of you.

    2. We have an office po doon pinapasend po Ako ng company out of the others, I strive really hard po, I want to have financial freedom and give my parents their dream home kahet small lang hehe may allowance po Kame, need ko po ibudget haha Kaya nga now I know thanks to you po hehe- Ounga po independent sana po makayanan ko po un ate, thanks ate yun po isa sa mga goals ko po to make you proud din po hehe cheesy haha yes po everyone needs Our almighty father and also guidance you'll get past this storm ate somehow, I just knew it po :)


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