Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Random Thoughts # 2

  • In preparation for my upcoming flight: Motion sickness medicine or melatonin, which medicine should I buy?
  • Yay, received  $5 CVS coupon!
  • Remembering my first ever bus ride experience: I was clutching my rosary,praying and calling all the saints I can think of the first time I rode the bus alone. It was only 1.3 miles away, but I was scared beyond belief! Now? Pfft... I walk the same route almost everyday, and still often wonder why did I get so scared before.
  • Why do people here call the 'restroom' a bathroom even when they are in the mall or public places? I mean, do you take a bath in the mall? Geez! Haha, I am being literal, I know. In their defense, they don't understand why Filipinos call it Comfort Room or CR. 

  • Yah, Filipinos are blessed, or cursed, with young looks, swear! You can't imagine how many times people mistaken me here as a highschool student. Some even commented that I looked too young to be working with old people... until I tell them my real age-  and they get shocked for a split second
  • By reading this book AND taking notes, does it mean I am not happy? Probably the last book I'm reading from the library. In my defense, I learn by taking notes- tons of it, actually. If this book is my book, the edges would have been filled with scribbled notes and would have been filled with highlights and all. Active reading, they said.

  • I should stop watching too much "What's in my carry-on" videos and Philippine vlogs.

  • When it's so cold out and you can see your breath every time you exhale, I purposely go out early for a long walk because I like pretending to be a fire-breathing dragon or a train (chugga chugga cho cho, complete with hand gesture pa!) I know, I am weird, as long as nobody's looking! I am Smaug the Terrible.... or Thomas the train. Haha!

  • My first ever Snow Storm experience. Snowmaggedon '10.

  • Should I name my first dog Gannicus (my favorite gladiator) or Stark (my favorite Avenger)?

  • Ahhhh, one of the highlights of working abroad is having the chance to wear my father's sweater! He was a swimming coach and this was his  "uniform."

  • As my journey to Pinas for Good comes to an end, I am thinking of deleting my blog for good. Blogging anonymously has been a way for me to cure my homesickness. Pouring your heart out to strangers as well as your thoughts, goals, etc., is surprisingly therapeutic. It also made me quit my addiction to Facebook. My heart swells whenever someone comments or email how they changed their mindset because of me, or how they have been listening to podcasts or considering going to the library because of me. I never expected how this little blog,and my thoughts/experiences, could influence a number of people.


  1. Don't delete! There are still others who can learn from your stories. I think that there is a lack of honest-to-goodness finance blogs like yours.

    Just leave the blog as is for reference of others. If you want to continue to blog back home, maybe start another one? Just an idea.

    Keep in touch if you decide to leave the blog universe forever!

    1. That's a good idea, Ms. Didi. Maybe I'll just leave this as is then blog lang when I can. Blogging is stress-reliever naman, so okay lang.

      I'll see.


  2. Wag naman. :-)

    I hope you will continue to blog and to share your new phase in life.

    You have been an inspiration. However, keep in touch naman if you really decide to delete this blog. :-)

    1. Awww, I don't know, but thanks ha? I will try my best talaga to update my blog once I get home. Blogging is stress-reliever naman so baka naman ma tuloy tuloy ko to. :)

  3. Ohhh, keep this blog, please! :)
    I'm sure a lot of your readers have been following you since you started this blog and they're so excited to what you'll share next when you finally come back to Pinas for good.

    Good luck to you Maria and hope to see you here in Pinas! hehe

    1. See you around sa pinas, Janice and keep up the good work sa blog mo! Sure is looking good.

  4. Please keep this blog. :) You are an inspiration. This blog will inspire more of us here.

  5. Replies
    1. Hey Ate Jill,

      You are the first Filipino personal finance blog that I read, and it also inspired me to make my own.

  6. Hey Maria

    Like others said, please don't delete your blog :( sayang naman entries mo and diba na-feature ka pa sa magazine? para naman others (like me) can still go back to your posts and re-read and learn.

    Hoping for your safe flight home. sana you can arrange for coffee with all of us readers ng blog mo hehe :P ---kath

    1. Hey Kath,

      Awww, thanks!

      Yah, I am considering not to delete the blog. :) Take care over there.

  7. oh please.. don't delete your blogsite! i've just discovered your site in the past hour. your blogs are great and i would love rereading your entries to give me strength on trying to save. just leave this as is if you don't mind... but still looking forward to your future thoughts. hoping you would still randomly blog whenever you feel like doing so. ^_^

    1. Hey Valaquella,

      I welcome you here :)

      Thanks for dropping by.

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please don't delete your blog! T.T

    Have a safe trip back home! :D

  9. Oh no... same as the sentiments above, ayaw i-delete... sayang ang mga tips and strategies u shared PinasforGood.. especially the stocks-related posts... hehe.. sayang jud ayo.. kay surely a lot of people pa can learn and appreciate this blog.. :)

    Padayon lang maskin panagsa...
    Frequent visitor baya ko diri..hehehe.. mao r ni akong ginasubay/ginabalik-balikan n blog ron...hehe..
    Welcome to the Philippines


  10. Naku, wag mong dedelete ito sayang sis. Kaw din mamimiss mo rin kaming readers mo (choz! hahaha) - anne


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