Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finally, 'Pinas for Good na!

Early this morning: Ahhhh, watching news together with my two brothers and my mom while eating pandesal and sipping some Nescafe early in the morning, this and more are few of the simple stuffs I am enjoying lately.  

I was expecting that a bad-ass humid weather will greet me once I come home, but it is not that hot and humid lately. I have been sleeping without an AC (because we don't have an AC), but my sleep pattern is kind of going bonkers pa but other than that I am a-Ok!

I'll update you guys when I can. I have a whole lot of experience here. Ay, another adventure, I tell you- happy and interesting kind, though.

Welcome to Cebu
Right outside Cebu Airport

Mactan Bridge

Visiting the Carmelite Monastery
Lighting a candle with grateful heart in mind
A monastery where The First Lady President of the Philippines once hid



  1. Welcome Home. :) Happy for you, you're here just in time. Pope will be in Tacloban by Saturday.

  2. Mabuhey! Achievement UNLOCKED! Congratulations!

  3. Wow! You're finally here in the Philippines na PinasforGood! :) Welcome Home! Excited nako makahibalo sa continuation sa imong life adventures now that u'r in Pinas na.. hahaha.. ang imong transition, adjustments, etc. Dapat i-Maalaala Mo Kaya jud ni imong kinabuhi ba.. hahahaha....



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