Friday, August 30, 2013

How Did I become a Stock Market Investor?

Every journey has its start, and I want to share with  you how I got  started on this whole investing business.

To tell you honestly, I have zero background when it comes to stock market. Back then, I don't even know what Ticker symbol  means! And math is not my forte. I don't trust myself with any calculations without a calculator beside me. Yup, that's how bad I am when it comes to math, but hey, this bad-in-math  person has become an investor. So for all of you who are intimidated with the math involved in investing, I'm here to tell you that it's not a hindrance at all. I swear!

So, let me tell you how this bad-in-math-wanna-be-stock-market-investor took the plunge and got her feet wet into the world she never ever thought she would step in.

 3 years ago:  It's a long story but I became friends with one of our residents where I am working. We talked for hours and he would always tell me that "I am his daughter he never had". I grew up without a father so these words touches me deeply, and so we became close. I shared with him my desire to go home. I shared with him how lonely my life here and I also shared with him  my long time ambition of becoming a Catholic Missionary but, I just can't fulfill what my heart's desire at that moment coz my family needed me financially. I told him if only I could find away to save up and just don't worry about what future brings. At that time, I know its impossible. Out of the blue, he mentioned : Why don't you study stock market? Philippines is like 1960 USA. So much potential. So much space to grow...... I was like What?? Stock Market?? Buuuuuuuuut, math isn't my forte!

He smiled and we talked. He suggested a book to me to be borrowed at our nearest library. He said that this books will hopefully open my mind and the rest is history...

This book really change my mindset when it comes to my financial powerhouse. Super powerful book and I do believe that this is an effective book to read for those who are starting out:
I am on-the-hunt for a used book of this

After I read the book, I was hyped like a person on drugs and researched further on how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market. I found this book and I was really really  stoked!

Highly recommended book

I love this book! It is easy to understand. No intimidating jargons at all. Best of all, he is a catholic preacher. Our belief is kind of aligned so I am totally loving all his books. I got the e-book for free, by the way.

I was willing to get started at that time but I had problem coz I don't have Philippine bank account. No finance footprint at the Philippines at all. To know how I eventually open bank account and investment accounts, click here.

That's how I pretty much got started and to these days, I am thankful for the person who opened the door for me to get into the world of investing. I am the first in my family, immediate and extended, who is investing and I am proud of it. I will teach those who are willing to listen.  And when I finally become a Catholic missionary, I would dedicate that journey to him, my mentor, with all my heart.


  1. hi! i'm a lurker of your blog since i first came across your blog through investor juan's. i've been meaning to say something, but words always fail me or a bit hesitant that you might take it wrongly. anyhow, i just feel the need to congratulate you! for someone so young, you're really making a big progress in how you're handling your finances. i'm a former ofw child, and it saddens me that i didn't have the wealth information we now have. i'm truly hoping that other ofws will come to learn from you, and hopefully get something started for their retirement. i've seen in HK how OFWs are - the amount of work they do, and if without guidance, how their money becomes drained for lack of financial plans or whatever reason. basta, congratulations. keep on writing about finance management. good luck with your endeavors!!

    1. Awwww, thanks a lot for the kind words. I appreciate it a lot. I'll visit your blog now:)

  2. oh, i initially meant to say that by far The Richest Man in Babylon is by far the greatest book on finance ever. I even think that most of what's being written by other authors, kiyosaki, larry burkett, bo sanchez..most of the principles, at least..came from this little gem. the book basically sums up what everyone has to know about money. anyway, i should probably find a copy of the other book you mentioned in a different post: your money or life, was it?

    opps, sorry.. over sharing, or over.commenting..hehe..

    1. Richest Man in Babylon is still on top of my list when it comes to finance books. Probably because it has a sentimental value for me coz its the first book that change the course of my finance life.

      Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez is a good read. The book gave me an idea of the Daily Money Log and authors are advocate of frugality that's why I love it.

      Over commenting? Pfffft, not at all.

      Naa d ai ka sa Cebu? Cool!

  3. Just happened to read your blog this day..and you inspired me a lot since i am about to take my first step towards stock market this month..Hope you''ll continue being a blessing:) God bless..

  4. My god you are my hero, thanks to the books you've recommended/mentioned above coz those are the books that I needed to understand the basic. I'm enjoying your blog so much.

    1. Hey, let me know how you like the books ha? Update me, ok? ;)

  5. Hi Maria! Oh God, I'm so late. I just read your blog and it's already 2019 :( Still though, I got inspired to study stocks for a chance to change this repeating life cycle of mine. By the way, I'm a Catholic member and joined a community Gawad Kalinga. I also want to inspire and help others. I'll keep on reading more of your blogs. God bless you!


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