Thursday, August 8, 2013

Minimalism: Downsizing and Purging

I stumble upon the word "minimalism" when I was searching for home decorations and home style. At that time, I just purchased a small townhouse in Cebu and I thought I need to furnished myself with decoration styles that are easy on the eyes-- less clutter. I was drawn to that style, but it never occurred to me that minimalism could be applied to all area of your life not just the interior of the house.

Call me nuts but I already started sending my stuffs to the Philippines since 6 months ago in preparation for my "for good" goal and I realized its just too much stuffs I have accumulated through out my stay here. I am currently filling up two boxes of my stuffs to be shipped to the Philippines. See, I'm telling you, I am really going home for good!

I started researching about  how to let go of stuffs that don't put meaning to your life. I met the words "voluntary simplicity" and "minimalism" and I liked the sounds of those words.

This video change my perspective about accumulating stuffs. I nodded in agreement to this video and this sums up what minimalist lifestyle is all about.

I started purging and donating my stuffs since February. I gave away at least 50 percent of my stuffs to thrift store. I wish I took pictures of those. I haven't started blogging at that time, so I did not document it. I gave away make-ups, perfumes, lotions, books, clothes I haven't worn in 3 years and all. It was hard at first but the feeling after giving away stuffs are great. I can't even begin to describe the fuzzy feeling I felt.

Minimalism is a continuing process. I still have stuffs I have hard time giving up which I will share with you one of these days. I consider myself a working progress minimalist, but I do feel good seeing all those stuffs go. Trust me, it really feel good. It's like a breath of fresh air!

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