Saturday, August 17, 2013

Walk ,Spend and Eat Saturday

It's 8:04 PM  and I'm ready to go to sleep, but decided to write a little something about my day.

I started my day with a cup of coffee and I hit the jogging trail early. I always enjoy the early morning, plus the weather today was so nice!

I went to the store to buy gift for my friend who will be having a baby shower tomorrow. I walked to Target but did not find anything interesting. I checked the thrift store and eventually found 2 basic clothing for myself.
Thrift Store Finds
  • Converse button-down denim-ish: I am a Converse woman! I have a few collection of Converse shoes! I love this button-down top. It's a basic piece in your wardrobe that can be worn in so many ways so this kind of clothing is definitely a must-have. I'm glad I found them! ($4)
  • Mossimo Pink Shirt: OMG, this shirt is so soft! I can wear this all day! It looks brand new, too! ($4)
  • Champion Sports Bra: This one has still a tag on it. I have been searching for sports bra ever since forever but couldn't bring myself to pay full price. hehe ($2.50)
I then went to Ross and bought the gift there. Went to dollar store right after and went to Shopper's to grabbed something to eat.

Not so healthy lunch
Don't judge, I walked for 4 hours, give me a break! :)

I bought some grocery after eating lunch that consists of grapes, Nutella, donut, and spinach. Walked home after that. I rested for and hour and rushed to the library ( another 1.8 miles of walking) to pick up the DVD that I borrowed entitled Lincoln.

I end the day with yummy dinner: daing/buwad with rice.

Not so healthy dinner, again!
Yummy, indeed!


Donut with Coke- Not healthy, I know!

Overall, I think I walked 15 miles today, which I love, but I feel like I sabotaged my walking and jogging today by eating a lot of unhealthy food :( I have a weakness for anything fried :(

Its 8:48 PM and I need to go to sleep now. I am going to a party tomorrow to see all my Filipino friends. I haven't seen them for a year. I'm excited coz my Ate and Kuya will cook Filipino food! Pig-out tomorrow again! Yay!



  1. wow.. you sleep so early.. i'm a night owl but i'm trying to change my sleeping habits.. :)

  2. seriously? LINCOLN... as in daniel day-lewis's lincoln? you a fan, too? i mean of the president. of course, daniel-day is awesome..but i'm talking about being a fan to THE Abraham Lincoln..

    1. Yah, Abraham Lincoln was a pretty cool person. I've been to the Lincoln Museum in Washington D.C and boy, it was cool. It chronicles his life and it was very inspiring.

      Lincoln DVD I borrowed was from our local library, it was free :D


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