Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Throwaway Thursday

If there's a Throwback Thursday, there is alsoThrowaway Thursday. These are  pictures of stuffs that I am letting go or giving away to give way to a minimalist lifestyle, stuffs that I have been holding on for reasons unknown. This is one of my mantras: Less stuff, less stress.

This is my second Throaway Thursday , but I have been letting go of stuffs long before that which I did not document coz I wasn't blogging at that time yet.

Today, I am letting go of magazines which are sitting like bosses in my shelf. Someone subscribed me to these magazines. To tell you honestly, I don't even read or open these magazines. I'm not fashionista and I don't care what's happening on the fashion world . I wish that my friend subscribed me on other magazines like Nat Geo or Time. I have been receiving magazines since 2-3 years ago and I end up donating them to the library, unopened. Now, another batch is going to the library:

I am also donating another blower:

And oh, the Cargo Plus guy picked up my 2 boxes last Tuesday. Boy, those boxes were an eye-sore  for the longest time. Those contains my personal stuffs for my "for good" moment. I instructed mom not to open it yet. All in all, I have 3 large boxes full of stuffs, some for myself and must are to be given to my relatives.

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