Friday, January 8, 2016

On Managers and Their Duties: Is This How Things Are Done Here?

I am really an observant kind of person and one thing I can't help but compare is the managers from the US and the managers from here ( be it banks, store, etc.)

Here are some nonsense observations/comparisons:

  • I went to BPI- GMC Lapu Lapu yesterday to get my captured ATM. I've waited for almost an hour to get entertained. (There were two customer service representative, I observed.) The manager at that time I arrived was talking to one of the customer service representative with regards to letter and stuff. After she was done talking and I was,like, right across her, she just sat down at her chair, text here and there, laugh when she heard a certain dance song and quipped how she reminded her of the party she attended, texted some more, chitchatting ( in fairness to her, she was also doing some paper works in between) but she never did ask me how can she help me and, as I said, I was just sitting right across her. I kept staring at her but it seemed like she was ignoring me. UGH! ( There were 2 of us waiting and two were being entertained by the two customer representatives.) Na irita talaga ako kasi she didn't even bother to ask us! After almost an hour of waiting, it was my turn and guess what? The customer service representative directed me to her- THE MANAGER! It took me less than five minutes and I waited for almost an hour! KILL ME NOW! UGH! Maybe because I looked too yagit to get entertained with THE manager, with my Star Wars Force Awaken t-shirt, Chucks and all?

  • In the US, the manager will take over whenever the cashier is nowhere in sight ( I saw pa nga managers- with his neck tie and all- sweeping the floor once)Here, I noticed that managers don't take over as much. One time I was waiting in line and the cashier was nowhere, well.. the manager was just chitchatting with one of the cashiers. I also noticed that in the US, when the line gets super long ( as in 3 people) they'd call for back up and use one of the vacant cash register. Here, wala.. they'd leave it vacant no matter how long the line in the other cash register gets.

I don't know what managers' duties and responsibilities are here in pinas, but it seems like they don't want to take over duties that are kind of like not their level, kind of like duties lower than their supposed responsibilities? Sure, managers are higher than tellers and cashiers, but it won't hurt to take over other's duty once the situation calls for it, right? I don't know. Help me understand.


  1. Awww... it happened to me too. And yes, be it anywhere they look on people's appearance. Di lang minsan nangyari sa akin yan, kaya madalas hesitant ako bumili or pumasok sa mga high end stores. Minsan pa nga, they stare at you na parang sinasabi na "Kaya mo ba ang price dito?" lol. Eh most of the times, I wear my comfort ootd - short, literal na flip flop na tsinelas, and t-shirt. Sad truth dito sa atin. Lalo na sa mga banks na dapat eh alagaan nila clients nila because, kahit gaano man kaliit ang pera natin sa kanila, nakakacontribute pa rin yun sa life ng bank.

  2. tell me about it i HATE banks here in Philippines

  3. Ganyan na talaga ang norm dito sa Pinas. Nakakalungkot lang pero optimistic naman ako na may chance pa tayong umunlad at magbago ang mga bad habits nating mga Pinoy. Hehe.

  4. majority nga ganyan. but it does not mean you allow them to treat you like that. ako, pag pumupunta ako sa bank, kapag may pila, i make sure na i tell them what i need by confirming if its the righ queue. i assert myself. pag nakita naman nila na assertive kang type of customer, they accord you with the attention a customer needs. so go gurl, dont let them define the kind of treatment they give you, assert yourself.


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