Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another Mall in Cebu: And They Said Philippines is a Poor Country

December 10, 2015

After the opening of the 4th biggest mall in the country (SM Seaside Cebu), another huge mall opened : Robinsons Galleria-Cebu

I can't help but compare it with my abroad days. I have to travel 40 minutes to an hour to be able to go to the nearest mall. Dito, halos every corner, my mall na. Yep, and they said Philippines is poor huh? Malls are sprouting left and right!

I've been to Robinsons Galleria-Cebu twice. One was on the opening day (December 10, 2015). We were about to get my friend's Boston Terrier and we decided to swing by to see what inside looks like. (Fun fact I learned that day: In Manila, they call it "Galle" (as told by my friend who was from Manila- transferred here to help out with the family business) and in Cebu, we call it "Robi" (pronounce as "robai".)Second time was buying Sans rival and Silvanas for Christmas Eve.

Favorite part of the mall:

  • Daiso
  • Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

Verdict: "Trying hard to be different" was my first reaction and my friend said that I'm a hater. Well, may mga plants kasi inside the mall and all and I feel like they are trying too hard to be different. I guess I am a hater. No... I'm not! Pataka!

Here are some pictures: 

The crazy long line at Sans Rival
December 24, 2015

Silvanas and Sans Rival
Super yummy!

With Kylo, my friend's Boston Terrier. We got him from the breeder same day the Robisons Galleria-Cebu opened: 

  1. Kylo with Tita M.


  1. Totoo! Sa Malaysia nga ang liit litt lang ng mall dito sa tin ang lalaki at ang dadami pa!

  2. Hi Miss Maria, I'm a new reader of your insightful blog, just wondering Kung kalian ka mag update about stocks and investments? Have a nice day!

  3. Kaya hindi nakaka-ipon ang mga pinoy kasi ang daming mall dito. Lalo na sa Metro Manila. Sabayan mo pa ng sale at ads ng mga credit card na 0% interest. Tapos may social media pa na may mga humble bragger. Kaya ayan nagiging materialistic na yung iba.

  4. My former British boss told me that he's quite fascinated about us pinoy loves going to the mall because it is like a giant playground with aircon daw. Hahaha. Well tama nman sya kaya madaming tao parati sa mga mall lalo na kung summer.

  5. Actually palakihan nga ng mall... Bakit kaya? Traffic lang magiging end result. Sana parks na lang.

  6. Wow! Pasko na. I suddenly missed the malls in the Philippines. Here in Canada it`s just probably a quarter of mall`s size in Pinas. Even the cinema. Super liit. Better watch on Netflix or YouTube na lang.


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