Friday, January 1, 2016

To Do List 2016

  •  Sort out/get SSS Number
I don't remember if I already have my SSS number or not. I worked here for a little bit after graduation before flying abroad, so I guess I have a SSS number. I really do not know. Guess I need to work on this.
  • PhilHealth
Damn, I am the only finance nerd who doesn't have some kind of health insurance.  Yah, I know I know. Bite me.
  • Pag-ibig
Should I get one or not? Is this open to voluntary member or not? Guess I need to find out.
  • Fire insurance and install security stuffs for my house
Need to get one for my house, plus buy those fire alarm thingy and install burglar alarm system... for my peace of mind.
  • Find an online job
  • Get a car 
If I can't get a job, then no car. This should freakin' inspire me to get a job
Man, I'm lusting over Toyota Wigo ( thanks for the commenter who introduced me to that car.) Every time I see one on the street, my heart goes "Awwww, I want one." Though, modesty aside,  I can buy one right now since I already budgeted for it before I came home coz I know how public transportation in the Philippines work, I still want to push myself to find job before getting one. I don't need a car urgently pa naman, just to get around lang easily around Cebu.
  • Blog more, respond more
This blog started with my journey to 'pinas for good which involved frugality tips, saving money to fulfill that goal, investing and any money related stuffs. Now, as you can tell, I rarely post finance stuff since I follow the same monthly detailed budget ( which I already posted.)  This blog is somewhat my life after working abroad, places I've been to, stuffs I do, stuffs I buy. It has somehow become a lifestyle blog, so if you are looking for frugality tips, do dig up my older posts. I still follow those tips.

I should also respond more to comments and e-mails. Rest assured I read every comment but I should kicked the habit of reading comments/e-mail then "I respond later after I am done with this or that" coz I end up forgetting to respond. 

Note to self:  if I don't have time to reply at that moment, then don't read.
  • Claim my PRC ID and renew it
Yah, I really need to sort this out. I let my mother renew my PRC ID when it expired and I was abroad, but she never get around to claiming it. Called PRC-Cebu, my PRC ID is ready to be claimed 2 or so years ago pa but it already expired last April ( my birthday.) This year, I need to claim and renew my PRC ID ( I already did the first step: get my passport picture with name tag) coz it is so hard to be carrying my passport whenever I need an ID. I need an ID that I can stick into my wallet.
  • Get a tattoo
I've been contemplating on getting a tattoo since I was 24. I still want one. We'll see, we'll see!!!
  • Go back to Dahilayan and try all the extreme sports

  • PCCI Transfer of Ownership (Stark and Pepper's papers)
Need to also work on transferring the PCCI papers from the previous owner's name to my name. 
  • Climb a mountain
  I only climbed two mountains in my life: Mt. Palpalan in Pagadian ( my aunt lives on the foot of that mountain, and it wasn't really a challenging climb, but it still a mountain IMO) and Shenandoah Mountain in Virginia, USA. I want to add one to that list ( Osmena's Peak maybe) but I still have to convince my friends to climb with me.

  • Get annual check up

  • Pay Property Tax


  1. Happy New Year Miss Maria!

    Yes, Pag Ibig is open for voluntary contribution. You can also check their MP2. :)

  2. Happy New year Ms. Maria!

    oks yang mga goals mo this 2016, magandang panimula yan.
    ang alam ko may unified id na ang pagibig, sss & philhealth, tanong mo na rin.

    di pa rin ako nakakakuha ng bagong id wala pa kasing time.

  3. Hi! I know you don't have FB. But should you decide to get a tattoo, look up Neil Montefalcon. He was our artist back when I was working. I can guarantee he's one heck of a tattoo artist.

    1. E-mailed a couple of pictures of his recent works.

  4. the sss toll-free hotline has been surprisingly helpful. might wanna try 'em out, ma'am.

  5. Just curious to know, what about life insurance (term insurance without investment)?


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