Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wet Market Sunday: Soy Bean Powder? Corn Coffee?

I haven't been having some wet market run lately because of the holidays. I've been finishing the "bring house" food I got from all the parties that I attended + the chicken necks too, which I made into dry adobo. ( If you are a Filipino + bisaya, then you would know what "bring house" is and why we call it that.)

I forgot to buy bananas.

The La Nueva receipt was eaten by Stark or Pepper, who knows, that's why I can't give you the exact prices of my La Nueva haul.

Here it is:

  • VEGGIES: Php 50 

- Squash: Php 10
- Cucumber
- Onion
- Garlic
- Eggplant: Php 8
- Sayote: Php 13 each

  • Ground Pork: Php 32.90 (Php 153 per kilo)
  • Bones for Stark and Pepper: Php 86.19 (Was on sale for Php 51 per kilo)
  • Sawdust for Stark and Pepper: Php 60.45 (Php 30 per kilo)

  • Bangus: Php 50 (Php 110 per kilo)

  • La Nueva Grocery:
- Yakult: Php 40
- Baker's Best Bread: Php 22
- Dazz Dishwashing Bar: Php 6+
- Tomato: Php 6
- Pancit Canton: Ph 8+
- Quick Chow Noodles: Php 6 +
- Energen : Php 29 ( 6 pcs)
- Kopiko Cafe Blanca: Php 56
- Biscuits: Php 8

  • Eggs: Php 11 (Php 5.50 each)
  • Corn Coffee: Php 5 ( I haven't had corn coffee for a long time. I remember liking the taste of it.)
  • Soy Bean Powder: Php 5 (I don't know how to make this thing. I should Google first. Hopefully this will taste like Soy Milk I usually buy. We'll see.)

  • Rice: Php 99 (Php 33 per kilo)

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