Monday, January 11, 2016

Electric and Water Bill Report: Nov-Dec 2015

Mactan Electric Company (MECO)

Period From: November 22, 2015

Period To: December 22, 2015

Total: Php 725

My actual bill is Php 432 and it almost doubled because of the charges. Crazy right? It is what it is, they said.

I am expecting higher electric bill next month because the house construction is now back on track and they will be wielding angle bars, c-purlins, etc. for the roof. I decided to put roof on the rooftop, just 3/4 of the total space and 1/4 is open para hindi mainitan sina Stark and Pepper if ever I'm out and I have to put them there so they can walk around. I hate kasi na I put them in the cage when I go out coz it's cramp inside the cage and there is no space for them to move around. I decided to have kahit 1/4 of open space para when we have bbq get together with friends, the smoke coming from the grill wont get trap inside. And a rooftop isn't a rooftop if there is no open space, imo.

Metropolitan Cebu Water District ( MCWD)

Period From: November 28, 2015

Period To: December 31, 2015

Total: Php 167.56

I am expecting higher water bill for next month as well coz of the construction. They are adding hollow blocks on each side of the rooftop. If you saw my blog showing you the glimpse of the rooftop, you would have seen that the sides are open and it's scary for Stark and Pepper coz we often play up there. Pepper also has this weird thing where she stands on the edge to look down if she sees one of her doggie friends. Nakaka heart attack ako every time she does that. 

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