Monday, September 9, 2013

Why OFWs Don't Get Rich

  • Breadwinner

  • The family back home is completely dependent on the OFW's monthly padala

  • Banker 

  • The family's emergency fund. Pag mag emergency, sa OFW hihingi
  • Showing off

  • Sale and shop-'til-you-drop mentality

  • Gadgets

  • Branded  products from head to toe

  • Extramarital affairs

  • Buying a house in the Philippines they can't afford so they end up staying longer than they're suppose to

  • Giving impression to the relatives back home that it's raining money where they work

  • One day millionaire every payday

  • Bar hopping and happy time all the time

  • Instant gratification

  • Jealousy

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  1. They dont become rich cuz they die young with their cheating ways, they get killed before they earn enough.

  2. Your comments are so true and are exactly what I noticed with my OFW relatives and neighbors in the province. It's the billionaire for a day and support the barangay mentality that's prevalent in my neck of the woods naman.

    1. We call those the one month millionaires. Pagkatapos ng isang buwan na pag uwi sa Pinas, eh pobre na.

      Nakakaburyong knowing that they're digging their own financial graves.

    2. When I go home, I'll apply my ninja skills

  3. Perhaps, if we talk about cashflow, there are at least 3 patterns. Pattern 1: Salary goes to income box then to expenses (exit) box. Pattern 2: Salary goes to income box then to liabilities box then to expenses box. Pattern 3: Money goes into the income box goes then to asset box, it's earning goes to the income box then goes to buy more assets that makes more cash flowing into the income box for more assets...and so on. Which pattern do you think most OFWs practice?

    1. Because of limited knowledge about finance, OFWs tend to spend their salaries on things they thought are good investments, like Luis Vuitton bag etc.

      Patterns 1 and 2 are kind of the common among OFWs.

      There is a growing number of financial education movement going on in the Philippines that a lot are starting to look into investments of some kind.

      Hopefully, there will be a time that Philippines would be like Singapore, HK and other economically stable Asian nation.

  4. Wait. Iba pala ung post about the credit card.

    In some circumstances lalo na here in the US where you need to build credit score, yes to credit card BUT make sure you pay full amount charged every month :) Treat credit card as cash

    1. Yep, if you want to build your life here in the US or if you want to stay long-term, you gotta get your credit history straighten/build. For me, I don't have credit card coz you know, I won't be staying here for long

  5. It helps even if you don't stay here as long. We need good credit score to get a better deal sa car next time. Unfortunately, we live in those places (probably 95% of the US) where a car is an essential.

    1. Oh yah, phone plans too, they check credit scores and all. For me kasi, I don't drive coz where I live, the transportation is super reliable. I'm blessed!

  6. I think the no. 1 reason why OFWs don't get rich because they waste time and money. But time is more important than money. You cannot bring back the lost time.
    OFWs love to watch teleserye and variety shows. After working two jobs, they are glued in front of the television. Why not use the time to learn new things such as personal finance for starters.

    My mantra is to "invest in yourself;" you'll never know when opportunity comes knocking. Will you have the skills to offer?

  7. Ganito ang nangyayari Sa ibang ofw pero Hindi naman lahat. Marami na ring natuto at nakapag aral ng financial literacy. Sa uae, USA, Canada uk atbp. Andaming Filipino na ang yumaman, dahil Sa diskarte, sikap, determinsyon at kumayod ng husto para yumaman at matagumpay. Panahon na ng internet social media since early 2000 to present, madali na matutunan ang mga bagay na magpapaasenso Sa bawat isa. Maraming paraan para yumaman. At ang iba dyan ay alam nyo na. Paano ba yumaman si injap sia? Si M villar? Si Andrew tan? Eh ang Julie bake shop? Si Tim Sykes? Si Edward k. Lee.? Carl Ican? Sorros? Etc. Etc. Nagawa nila bakit Hindi nyo subukan ng subukan? Baka magawa nyo rin di ba? Kahit Hindi ka ofw. O estudyante o tambay lang. Kaya yumaman. Try mo.


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