Monday, November 20, 2017

Frugal Tip: Growing Food From Kitchen Scraps + Adobong Kangkong

I am not an expert urban gardener, but this I know for sure: You can always grow food no matter how small your space is. You can grow food on your windowsill or even your balcony.  Plus, you'll get immense  pleasure from seeing your small garden grow and getting food from it. 

Water Spinach or Kangkong grows like crazy in the tropics. A beginner urban gardener's plant. 

What's for dinner? Adobong Kangkong. Ingredients were all picked from my "garden"

Stark tending to some of our tomatoes

Lettuce, Garlic, Spring Onion, etc + My Little Helper

Adobong Kangkong and Spring Onion for Today's dinner 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Living Simply OR Earning More

"Living a simple, boring life OR earning more and experience finer things in life," I have been contemplating on that question for quite some time now and it makes me wonder, do we really have to choose between the two? Can we find a sweet spot? 

Life has gotten boring lately. I really want to travel more, but my budget won't allow me to do that. I want to buy a washing machine, but I don't have extra cash set aside for that. I want to install some blinds because even though my house faces an awesome view, the afternoon sun is killing me, but then again I don't have extra money for that.

You see, all of those things I want I can forego in the name of voluntary simplicity. I still want to take my daily afternoon nap. I still want to enjoy my time with my dogs. I enjoy my mornings with a cup of coffee in my hand while watching the sunrise. 

I am enjoying this simple, laid-back, slow life but I am still saving up for a washing machine.