Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dictator Movie & Filipino Comments


I borrowed Dictator from the library earlier and it was hilarious!

 You should be open-minded or else you will get offended. There are a lot of racist and offensive comments in the movie and some scenes that aren't advisable for youngsters. I laughed so badly. Again, you should be open-minded while watching to enjoy the movie.

Filipino was mentioned that's why I'm making a blog post. Here it is:

General Aladeen: Okay, I'll do Filipino. I like to work, I like to talk. 
[pulling eyelids backwards]
General Aladeen: I like the shit, I do the kids. 
Nadal: [Pulling Aladeen's hands off] Stop that! Your Filipino is the same as your Chinese!
General Aladeen: Now who's being a lacist? You're being lacist now!
Nadal: I'm not being racist! Right now, we have to get on this helicopter and we have to act like true Americans. 

Aladeen was clearly referring to all hardworking Overseas Filipino Worker around the world. We love to work, yes! We like to talk, yes! We take on any odd job just to earn. I am not offended by his comment in fact, I laughed so badly coz it's true.

We have been stereotyped a lot of times and I just laugh it off but the thing that got me is the comment that Filipinos eat dogs!!  In which I would answer, "My friend, we don't eat dogs, we eat human" Comprende? hehehe

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