Friday, March 29, 2019

How Much Did I Earn Last Year + Witholding Tax and Why I'm not Filing For ITR this year

Here's my earnings as an ESL teacher for the period of January 2018 to December 2018: 

Php 294,370 

Tax withheld from my company:

Php 17, 356.40 

As for the Train Law, the tax that I would pay is only:

Php 3,549.6 

With calculations of: 

Php 294,370
-Php 250,000 (Train Law)
Php 44,370 
- 8 percent

Php 3, 549.6

Why I'm not filing for ITR this year? 

I registered as Self-employed at BIR this January and I don't want to go through the hassle of filing for late ITR since I didn't file for the quarterly tax and so on. I decided to fully take advantage of Train Law this year. I know, sayang ang tax refund coz they withheld Php 17k+, but that's okay... for the Philippines naman yun eh. Heheh. Can you hear the sarcasm there? 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Renewing my PRC ID without CPD

Here’s my experience:

I arrived at PRC-Cebu (near Innodata) at 8:15 AM


1. THIS IS IMPERATIVE: Please make an appointment through the PRC website. I got mine a month before the day of my appointment.

2. Please observe proper attire. 


  • Register at PRC website. You will be asked to scan your photo there. No need to bring photos to PRC. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT.
  • Make an appointment and screenshot or print your appointment reference number
  • Php 450

Here’s the process:

  • Write your name on the log book before entering the building.
  • Proceed to Cashier. The Cashier will ask for your appointment number. I showed her the screenshot and Paid 450.
  • Proceed to the COOP Costumer Service section so you can print your renewal form. I don’t know if you can print this at home but if you can, I suggest you should print it beforehand for smooth-flowing process. The lady at the counter is slow as a snail. Cost of printing: Php 20
  • Proceed to the guard near the entrance and ask for priority number.
  • Wait for your number to be called at Counter 2. Prepare for proof of CPD, if you have any. If you don’t have CPDs, you will be asked to sign the promissory note. 
  • Photocopy the renewal form. You can do this at the COOP costumer service. Cost of photocopy: Php 2
  • Proceed to Counter 3. Submit the original renewal form and wait for the release of your new PRC card.

Total number of minutes from start to completion:  1 hour and 15 mins. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Coping with Losing Pepper 2.0

I am still not okay.

Nights are the worst. 

The thing is I can’t sleep.

For the first time since I started teaching online, I worked for 13 hours with only 1 hour of rest for two days but I still couldn’t sleep. 

So I sought for a psychiatrist's advise and  I’m taking antidepressants for now. I want to stop it because it makes me groggy, but it is helping me sleep. 

Though I am in this state, Stark’s routine is still the same: I take him for a walk at 4:45 AM and 9 PM, ALWAYS. It would have been worse for me if Stark isn’t around so I owe it to him to act normal.

A tattoo

It was so weird because of all the songs that were being played at that time, mostly new ones, the moment my tattoo artist inked me, Sweet Child of Mine played. I used to sing that  to her many times. Most of the time, I replaced the lyrics with her name: oooh,oh wo hoo Sweet Pep of Mine... Do you do that with your pet?

Pep Wars
Oh, the weather outside is Pepper but the song is so aPepper
Pepper, do you love me? Are you riding?
Adto ta sa IT Pep? 
Fat bottomed Pep ,you make the rockin' world go 'round

Gosh, I miss her so badly.
I still can’t bring myself to wash my sheets.
I have been watching tons of videos about moving on after pet’s death and the afterlife.
I still can’t bring myself to look at her picture.
I wonder when will I be okay. 

I miss you, baby girl. Death isn’t such a bad thing because I believe that I’m going to see you on the other side. See you at the rainbow bridge, my princess. I’m suffering still but I’ll be okay. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Online Filipino Freelancers BIR Registration Experience (RDO 80) Tips, Tricks and Advise

This has been a grueling process for me but I finally did it. I'm sharing with you my experience. 

Take note: It is important to check which RDO you belong to. I belong to RDO 80. Each RDO has different requirements. I've checked several blogs, but requirements are different talaga. 


3/F FRC Building, Subangdaku, Highway, Mandaue City (This is near Innodata) 

Phone number: Don't bother. They won't answer. 

Area of Jurisdiction:
Comprised of 3 cities: Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City and Danao City with 24 municipalities, namely: Asturias, Balamban, Bantayan, Bogo, Borbon, Carmen, Catmon, Compostela, Consolacion, Cordova, Daanbantayan, Liloan, Madridejos, Medellin, Pilar, Poro, San Francisco, San Remegio, Sta. Fe, Sogod, Tabogon, Tabuelan, Tuburan, and Tudela. The district shall be bounded as follows: on the South, by Subangdaku, Mandaue City. Crossing to the island of Mactan comprising of Lapu-Lapu City and Municipality of Cordova from Mandaue City going north until Daanbantayan, Cebu. From Sogod, southwestward to Balamban, from San Remigio crossing to the island of Bantayan comprising 3 municipalities, namely: Sta. Fe, Bantayan, and Madridejos, from Danao City crossing to the island of Camotes comprising 4 municipalities, namely: San Francisco, Poro, Tudela and Pilar.


1. Professional Tax Receipt OR Occupational Tax Receipt (You can get them at the City Hall Treasurer's Office.) 
2. Photocopy of NSO
3. BIR Form No. 1901 Application for Registration (Can be filed manually, meaning: handwritten)
4. Photocopy of valid ID
5. BIR Seminar Certificate
6. BIR Form 0605 + Php 500 (Won't accept manual filing. Computerized or eFPs talaga) 
7. 2 pcs of Documentary Stamps Php 15 each (You can buy these at the collection area, together with paying your Annual Registration Fee). Note: If you are going to get the Sworn Declaration, buy another two pcs. of documentary stamp. 
8. Book of Accounts (1 Ledger and 1 Journal)  (You can buy these at National bookstore for Php 22 each.)
8. Acknowledgement letter from your company (if you belong to one.) 

Other requirements that I brought, but wasn't asked: 

- current bill with present address 

You will be asked to choose between 3% or 8 % tax

I absentmindedly chose 3% which was  a big mistake. I can't change it na so I have to wait for the next year to be able to change it. 

The difference: 

Accordingly to my shallow knowledge about this. (Corrections are welcomed!) : 

-If your annual income is Php 250,000 or below, you won't be taxed but you should submit kind of a form to BIR for that. (Kindly ask BIR for that kind of form)

- For 8 percent: if your income is Php 260,000 per year:

x .08
800= this is the tax you will pay for the whole year

- for 3 percent: if your income is Php 260,000 per year:

 2,000-= this is the tax you will pay for the whole year

Note: There's ample of information in the seminar. To be honest, I zoned out during the seminar. I should have listened. I found out too late that 8 percent is better for people who don't earn way beyond Php 250,000. Oh well, charge to experience. 


When to go?

- The BIR Tax Seminar for RDO 80 is every Wednesday at 1 PM to 2 PM.It could extend until 2:30 PM to 3 PM. I suggest you go there on Wednesday para isahan nalang. What I did was I attended the seminar while waiting for my number to be called. I arrived there at 9:38 AM and I my number was called at 4 PM. Imagine that!

Other suggestion: Since the Certificate of Registration (COR) will come out 3 business days after you register, I suggest you apply on other days and come back on Wednesday to attend the seminar and after the seminar, you will be able to get the COR. 

In my case: I went there on February 6, I attended the seminar on the same day and I got my COR a week after. I went there 5 minutes before 5 PM. They entertained me naman. Thank goodness!

Other tips: 

1. Photocopy everything beforehand (PTR or OTR, NSO, ID) Mahal ang photocopy doon, Php 2.50 each. 
2. Bring long bondpaper (Php 1.00 each if you buy outside) You will be asked to use the  Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS), which is located inside the BIR building. It's free but you have bring lond bondpaper. For less hassle, do the eFPS Form 0605 at home.  I printed the Form 0605 and I filled it out, but they didn't accept that. Dapat eFPS talaga for Form 0605. 
3. While waiting for your number to be called, you can pay for the Annual Registration fee (The Form 0605, Php 500 + 2 Documentary Stamps). Make sure that your TIN number is correct. If hindi, you will be penalized for that. (Penalty is Php 1,000) 
4. Photocopy the Annual Registration Fee receipt and the Form 0605 after paying. Submit one copy each to the Collection Center. 
5. Bring entertainment coz waiting is a pain in the ass.I personally downloaded "Kingdom" from Netflix and I was able to finish the whole season while waiting. Imagine that!

Getting the Sworn Declaration: 

I was asked to get this by our company. I asked for the form and I headed over to Attorney Arendain's office for notarization.  His office is located within the vicinity. You just have to ask. Cost of notarization is Php 200. Two documentary stamps are needed for this. You can buy these stamps at the collection area. 


1. Get a priority number which is located outside BIR. There's a small window. You won't miss it. There's a long line for that. Ask the guard for guidance. 
2. Wait for your number to be called (Windows 1, 2 and 3) 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Coping with Losing Pepper

This has been the most traumatic period of my life, considering that I have been through a lot.

The first of everything without her is the hardest.

The first morning.
The first breakfast, lunch and dinner of Stark.
The first walk with Stark.
The first night.
The first....
I would just burst into tears unexpectedly. 

This sucks. 

With some introspection, I came to realize why this hit me so bad. It’s because Pepper was with me every waking and sleeping period of my life for the last 4+ years. I could take a shower with my door open and she could see me without any judgement. I could change with her in the room or walk around the house naked and she could see my scars, my stretch marks, my bad days, my good days... everything, without any ounce of judgement. She loved me unconditionally and I love her back. I always say that she owns the house. I’m just the servant and I’m just the person who pays the bills.

Guilt, I figured, is the most difficult to get over with. I want to feel the pain because this is kind of a punishment for myself. I don’t know if I ever get pass this.

Anger at the Higher Being

Why would You take Pep away from me? I have been good with stray animals in my neighborhood. I am spending hundreds of pesos every month to buy sardines and rice to feed them. Why would You take away my Princess? Please help me understand. 

Going Out

My friend forced me to go out with Stark and so I agreed. It did me good. I ate a decent meal in days. Stark was able to go out and he seemed very happy. I smiled for the first time in days. 

At BTC- Banilad

Jafar's Shawarma

At Starbucks IT Park 

Ordering Drinks with "Pepper" 

But when I came home, the deafening silence is killing me. I feel like I shouldn’t feel good because I’m betraying Pepper.

Right now, I still couldn't bear to look at her picture or even change my sheets because she laid on it, to sweep the floor because her fur is still everywhere. 

There was a Candle Lighting Ceremony at and this brought me so much healing. 

She used to chew on this and I was surprised that it survived. Now, I'm calling it "Pepper Palmera"

This song is for My Baby Girl: 

I miss you, Baby Girl. You don't know how much I am suffering without you. Please take care of Starky. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Losing Pepper

The pain is so paralyzing. I can't sleep. I haven't eaten in almost 30 hours. I'm just crying and crying.

The guilt-feeling is what's eating me.I could have done more. 

But Stark needs me now. I must remain strong for him. People say I shouldn't change Stark's routine and I have been doing that. 

My eyes are swollen, but I decided to still I attend my classes. Many of my students are dog lovers and it's nice to connect with them. One of the things I appreciate is they don't ask me the details of what happened. Words like "I understand how you're feeling" and "Take care" are what they always tell me. Those words are enough for me. 

Pepper Potts a so-so much, 

See you at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes, Baby Girl. Please say hi to Ganni Bear for me. I miss both of you so much. You are always going to be my Princess and losing you is soooo hard for me. Please visit me in my dreams. I need you and I miss you.



Friday, January 25, 2019

Registering as a Professional/Self Employed in BIR Chronicle: Getting a Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)

Professional Tax Receipt is one of the requirements to be able to register as freelancer in BIR.

Note: For the past two years, my company just automatically withheld my tax, but since the TRAIN Law is in full swing now, there are big changes with regards to my  tax payment this year and that includes registering myself as self-employed in BIR. I am so dreading to do this but I have to do this. You know naman how government offices work here in the Philippines. I'm crossing my fingers that it will go well and that I won't wait for a long time, just like the PRC renewal I did three years ago. 

How I got my PTR ( Mactan,Cebu) 

1. Go to the City Treasurer's Office located  at the 1st Floor, City Hally Main Building. Same office as where I paid my Real Property Tax. 

2. Before entering the office, get a priority number which is found near the door. Someone will assist you on this. 

3. Wait for your turn and prepare your PRC ID and Php 300 pesos. 

Note: It took me less than 10 minutes to get this because walang masyadong tao at that time. I got lucky, I guess.I went there on January 25th at around 11 AM. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Landers: Haul and Prices & Buying in Bulk

It's been a while since I posted what I buy. Nothing much has changed. I still go to the wet market for vegetables, fruits and fish and I go to the grocery store for other goods. Well, something has changed though. I now go to Landers instead of SNR. Pareho naman sila. The difference lang is may mga store brands ang SNR, which I love. Two years ago, I bought an SNR store brand 1.5 liter of dishwashing soap. It costed about Php 400+ and until now, I'm still using the same soap. It's always good to buy in bulk. Nakaka save ka talaga. I also buy soy sauce, laundry detergent, vinegar, hand soap, cleaning supplies, etc. in bulk. I find that even though I initially pay big amount of money,  it still saves me tons. Plus, less trash is being generated. 

Note: My mom is coming to stay with me for two months, so there are things that I bought that I don't usually buy. 

 Ganador 1 sack (25kg) Php 1,459.75 ($27.65)

I used to buy Broken rice of Ganador (Php 30-40 per kilo) but I quit buying it because the more I ate it, the more, the taste seemed to get stranger. I don't know why but sometime last year, I became picky with my rice.I tried the sinandomeng and dinorado, but ganador is my favorite. 

Pedigree 20 kg Php 2,194.75 ($41.58)

I alternate between Vitality (Php 1,800- 15kg) and Pedigree OR mix them because My Baby Girl gets bored with her food so easily. 

Add caption

PanAmerican Loaf  - Php 84.75 ($1.61)(I still buy Gardenia but whenever I go to Landers, I buy their loaf because I like the taste of it. The whiter, the better. I know it's not healthy but I'm following Intermittent fasting, so okay lang naman.) 

Dog Shampoo 1000 ml Php 249.75 ($4.73)

Lily's Classic Peanut Butter-Natural 2kg  Php475.75 ($9.01) 

M.Y Fita cracker 1.5kg Php 259.75 ($4.92) ( Bought this for my mom to snack on.) 

Choc Nut 24 pcs (3 packs) Php 28.75 each ($0.54 each) (Bought this for mom as a welcome sweets. She loves this thing).

Sky Flakes  24 pcs. Php 116.75 ($2.21) (Bought this for my mom to snack on.) 

Oreo Peanut butter biscuit  Php 50 ($1) (on sale, regular price: 89.7- Bought this for my mom.) 

Lander's cookies Php 299.75 ($5.68)- 6 pcs. (Bought this for my friend) 

Friday, January 18, 2019

PLDT: How to Downgrade (FROM Telpad Plan (Php 1,699) to DSL Unli Plan (Php 1,299)

I regretted getting the Telpad Plan because I don't really use my Telpad. It's just there, gathering dust. If I could, I would drop my landline but it's bundle kasi.  Though I couldn't do anything about my Telpad Plan because it has a 3-year contract, I just waited  for the contract to end. And finally, finally it ended last September! 

Note: Cancellation of the Telpad Plan doesn't make sense to me. I have to pay more for it to be cancelled so I just waited for the contract to be over. Like I said, I regretted it BIG TIME. 

How I downgraded FROM Telpad Plan (Php 1,699)  to DSL Unli Plan (Php 1,299) :

1. I went to the PLDT office near me: 

M. L. Quezon Highway, Bgy. Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City
Telephone number: Don't bother. The phone number you'll find on the net isn't the correct number. 

Note: You have to go to their office in person. You can't downgrade via phone or via their costumer service. 

Tip: Go a week before your contract end. If you go a month before your contract ends, pababalikin ka, promise. If you go a week after your contract ended, they'll charge you for the next month na. So timing is the key here, my friends. To know when is the end of your contract, kindly call the costumer service for that. Dial 171 using your PLDT landline. 

2. Fill up the Service Request Form 

3. There's Php 500 fee for downgrading, but you will be charged on your bill for next month. 

4. Receiving my bill after downgrade: Paid: Php 1,500+

5. Two months after the cancellation of my Telpad plan, here's my monthly regular bill: 

It's weird because the Telpad Plan has 2MBPs only and the cost is Php 1,699 but when I downgraded, my speedtest result shot up to 19 MBPS. Mas cheaper but mas stronger ang speed. Nope, wala pang fiber sa area namin. 

Well, PLDT has to get their services straight coz my third player na. 

Here's the result of my speedtest: 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Real Property Tax 2019: 100% increase

I always pay my real property tax in January to be able to get discounts. I owned this property for almost 11 years and I used to only pay less than Php 1,000. For the last three years, I paid Php 939,  but this year I paid Php 1,840.49.  That's a hundred percent increase! I don't how to feel about it. Should I be happy because my property value has increased or is this the effect of TRAIN law?

For my last year's real property tax and to know how and when to pay to avail discount for real estate properties in Mactan,Cebu, click here. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Am I a Bad Person for Not Wanting to Contact My Family?

I’m always open to my struggles, just so my readers know that life ain’t perfect for me here in the Philippines.

Is it me or am I just not your typical Filipino? (Living alone with two dogs, not wanting to settle down and don't want to have contact with my family. SO NOT FILIPINO, right? ) 

Here are my reasons for not wanting to get in touch with my family, both immediate and extended. ( Take note "not wanting" is used here, though I still "reluctantly" meet with them.) : 

  • I want to hang out with my cousins and aunts, but they expect me to pay for everything.
On several occasions, I invited my aunts just to hang out and treat them to a special restaurant, nag dala pa naman ng ibang tao. Ugh, I wanted to have intimate conversation sana. May time for big family gathering and may time din for intimate, one-on-one conversations. 

Note:I don't have the balls to say "KKB tayo". I should, right? Though I always treat my aunts, but I don't want to treat my cousins. May trabaho naman sila eh. 

  • I want to call my Lola, but she always guilt-tripping me to forgive my evil brother or to get married. La, the wound is still fresh. Someday, I will be able to forgive but not now.

  • I want to call my mother often, but all she do is complain and ask for more money.

  • I want to hang out with my younger brother even more, but I can sense that he would rather do something than hang out with his ate whom she never even grow up with. 

Though I have good relationship with my second eldest brother. He lives in Taiwan now but we constantly contact each other via Viber. He even sent me an Adidas Superstar for my birthday! I felt super kilig! So that’s how it feels like when a family member gives you something from abroad! Hahah!

I know, family is important but I think I have the most dysfunctional family in the Philippines. Dogs won't betray us, but people do.

Netflix and Chill with my baby

At Mactan Newtown