Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Frugal Tip: Dare to Cut Your Hair?

One of the skills a frugalista should master is how to cut her/his own hair.

I've been to a professional hair saloon five times, which ranges from $30 to 60 dollars every visit not including tips. That's PHP 1,500- 2,400! I also tried going to a beauty schools that offers $14 a cut for their students to practice, but I don't have much luck.

As my quest to a cheaper alternatives, I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could try a DIY approach to cutting my hair. Is it possible? Hmmm...

I googled and voila, lots of information popped up. As I searched deeper, I realized that it's doable. Huzzah!

I am no expert with cutting my own hair, but I should say that its decent, plus it saves me tons!

Note: Items mentioned below were bought prior to minimalism and extreme frugal lifestyle.

So I bought myself a thinning scissor, coz my hair is so thick it could feed an entire civilization if my hair is a kind of food. I also bought a hair layering blade. Between the two, I use the thinning scissor more, but I could live without it as there are cheaper alternatives out there, like a regular razor. I am using a regular scissor which, they said, is not advisable coz it might damage your hair.  I say, so what?! :)

DIY Side-swept bangs perfected! Yahoo!

Since I am a visual learner, You Tube helped me a lot. But you should be careful watching beauty related stuffs in You Tube because beauty gurus tend to recommend stuffs to you, which they said are "must-haves", but aren't. They are just paid to do that. Been there, done that. A lot of unnecessary make-ups and stuffs that were accumulated by yours truly, which are cluttering my life.

This is one of my frugal tips as an OFW. You can't get a PHP 100 haircut here so might as well learn the tricks to cut your own hair.

Learning a skill takes time, practice and patience.


  1. I love your bangs!

    I really should learn to at least cut my bangs lang.

  2. All I'll need is a clipper, but alas, I'm just not courageous enough.

  3. di na ako mag-aambisyon matuto. I could have my hair trimmed for P50 here in the Philippines. hehe.
    btw, I need to mention're so pretty. :)

    1. Ai, di naman ako masyadong pretty ,sis. Photogenic Lang and I found my right angle. Pa selfie pics pa ang drama. Hehehe.

      Naghahanap kaya ako ng 50 pesos haircut dito, wala talaga. Hehe.

  4. Hi there,,, nakakahinayang talaga magbayad ng $ sa trim lang, kaya ever since e si hubby ang nagtitrim sa akin. You look great with your bangs. : )

  5. hi! may i know where you bought the thinning scissor?

    1. Hey, I bought it at for about 5 bucks.


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