Monday, August 4, 2014

COL Mobile App is Now Here!

I received an email this morning from COL:

Actual Email

I am excited coz I have been waiting for an app by COL, so I can access my portfolio easily. Finally! Finally! 


  • Log-on to your COL account using your iPhone or,in my case, an iPod. Click  the DOWNLOAD tab on your Homepage and an instruction will pop that look exactly like this:

Note: Android version to be released soon.

Conclusion: I'm stoked! Let me play with it and, I'll let you know how I like it.


  1. Hi how do I open a COL account from abroad? I want to learn more about investing (mutual funds and stock market). Can you suggest books or websites I can refer to? Thanks!

    1. Hey,

      I posted something about how I opened investment accounts while abroad:

      Make sure though that the steps are still current coz I opened it all 3 years ago.

      About books, I am thinking of posting "books that I recommend" this weekend so do come by and visit this site for that post.


  2. Hi Mel found your site when I searched for COL mobile app. I hope you don't mind me asking the link to the itunes of the app. I tried searching on the appstore but to no avail.

    But I'm glad I had this trouble because I am able to find you online. I like your blog's title and goal. And by the way I'm also a fan of Thoreau. I still need to buy the book "Walden." I tried reading the e-book but I can't understand a thing.

    I'll definitely keep coming back. Thanks from your kababayan in Canada.

    1. Hey Carolyn,

      I welcome you here! I hopped over your blog just now and I read that you are a caregiver,too? If so, same here pala! :) High five!

      With regards to COL app, I believed you cannot merely search it on the itunes store. I tried searching it just now, but weirdly, I can't. I erased my app, search it again in the iTunes store, but same pa rin- cannot find it.

      I therefore conclude that you cannot download a COL app if you aren't a COL account holder because the COL app download instruction can only be found in my account under DOWNLOAD tab- but you got to open your COL account using an iPhone or, in my case, an iPod to be able to download the app itself ( I tried logging in using a laptop,and I can't find the app download instruction . I only can find the download instruction of the app while using my iPod.)

      If you have a COL account, follow the instruction which is found on this blog post. ( Open your COL account using your iPhone or iPod. Go to DOWNLOAD tab then you'll see the instruction on how to go about downloading the app itself.)

      Hope this helps.

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  9. Well, Thank you for the instructions to download COL mobile app for iOS devices. I am just waiting for Android version so that I can use the COL app in my phone.


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